Professor Yin Yin smiled, "I’m running here and there, aren’t you a few smelly little security?" Hum, to tell the truth, if we hadn’t shot you, you would have been destroyed by the ghosts in Kunlun-don’t you understand how to repay kindness? "
"Kunlun?" I played dumb. "Kunlun, did you help us?"
"To tell you the truth, you went all the way to Kunlun and were followed by the ghosts, and it was the most powerful crow ghost pills and ghosts. They watched your every move in Kunlun. If we hadn’t sent someone all the way to sā, you might have been killed by the ghosts before you came out of that cave! After all, I sent someone to save your lives
Look, this is white!
I just felt strange at that time. Ruoqiang County fought with me several times. Although it didn’t win, it didn’t lose. Why did it give up later? That’s why it turned out that the ghost had gathered strength to follow us to find gluttony at that time, but I don’t know how it was taken by the Zhang family because of carelessness. The ghost and others got the news and came back to rescue everyone, then tracked us again, and then the Nazis shot …
When things are white, you have to look at what you see. Now Elymus seems to have a bad hand-I coughed a few times and asserted, "Don’t say that you seem to have arrested us now. Are you going to raise this matter to an international level and ask me to report it to Guoan and apply for the regulations on terrorist activities to track you down with the United States?"
"That you try the professor gently spit out a few words" to this matter, there are outsiders involved in your national security director, of course, to death, but some of his members who have nothing to do can’t escape-Liu Pi Cloud, I can’t help you, but it’s not too much to kill your friends and family.
Shit! This is so boring that this guy actually started these tricks.
I took a mouthful of hate and hate and simply said, "What do you want to let people go directly? If you can discuss it, I will give it to you. If you can’t discuss it, I will fight with you. There is not so much nonsense. "
"Good jovial" Elymus big ha ha two openings will be difficult "in a word, I want you to be gluttonous-tie it up and send it to me, and your director will be able to go home safely, otherwise …" This guy sneers at a few words, and all threats have been exhausted.
There was a bitter murder in thirteen eyes, and I don’t know if it was because I was beaten repeatedly recently or if I really had a big opinion about the goods-I quickly waved my hand to let him relax and said, "I have to discuss this with my master …"
"No, the professor interrupted me categorically." Except that a few people in your family want an outsider to know now, he is a dead end-Liu Pi Cloud, don’t think these tricks won’t work. "
This guy! The front and back doors are blocked, right?
Who lives at home now? As far as I’m concerned, thirteen and little black flowers are concerned, but two living people plus a dog and a cat are still ill. It’s really tricky to ask the Nazis to send a few people and teach them from the ground.
I don’t know if it should be right for anyone to watch me take it one step at a time … so I pretended to hesitate and said flatly, "OK, I can give it to you, but … let me talk to Elymus first."
There was a little noise at the other end of the speech, and then there was Elymus’s voice, "Xiao Liu, ahem, I’m embarrassed this time."
"Er, Ye Shu is fine, can you tell me something?" I quickly turned on the recording and tapped my finger gently and rhythmically next to the mouth of my mobile phone. "How did this happen?"
"It’s my own carelessness, ahem …" Elymus began to pour out what had happened. It was very simple that he was going to buy some great chicken next to the community on his way home, so he stopped and bought chicken-there were two people behind him who wanted to buy a row, and then he accidentally felt something on his waist.
And then threatened to take it away blindfolded …
In his speech, Elymus revealed several messages clearly. First, I know the specific location of the store near the home community where the chicken is bought. The second is that it was around half past six at that time; The third is to be taken with the car; The fourth is two people … Don’t look at elymus big talk a little unclear, but the key points are clear.
More importantly, I vaguely heard his words mixed with the same rhythmic percussion as mine.
Finally, Elymus looked sad. "Come and save me quickly. They blindfolded me and gave me instant noodles. I didn’t eat enough in two barrels-you can’t stand tossing at your age. Someone said," It’s good to eat. We haven’t eaten instant noodles yet? "
Then the professor drank "shut up"
Elymus big finish I nodded, "I know I’ll change you back as soon as possible, boss. When you give him the words, I’ll talk to him again."
Later, I was reluctant to tell the professor that I accepted this request, but one thing is that Ziyó u must find a way to catch it when he gives me some, or the transaction can’t be carried out until the professor is informed and agrees to tell me the specific trading places in three hours.
If you talk, it’s my turn to do it.
According to my analysis, it was about 6: 30 when Elymus got home. At that time, Chengdu was considered a traffic jam. Then he drives for about half an hour, and the distance is not too far, which should be a radius of five kilometers; From the Nazi modus operandi, it is speculated that if it were not for a small hotel, it would be a rented room in a certain community, but there is hot water and instant noodles. It seems that it is estimated to be a small hotel.
There is also the boss who handed me a few words through Morse code to line up in the hot pot restaurant-Elymus probably heard the number calling; The smell of ribs and brine-I believe that Elymus can’t make a mistake if he smells it for an old shop in Chengdu; Barbecue smell-er, there are not many barbecue shops that open so early. It is estimated that it is a big store; Taken together, I quickly came to the conclusion that first, I rushed to Ye Lao’s neighborhood to find a sparerib at random, and then asked them to outline all their stores, call the clerk one by one and ask about the surrounding environment, then find out which one it was, and then save people.
Before I start work, thirteen has quietly dressed and brought weapons, and that look in his eyes tells me that he has recovered and must go; The little black flower is still sleeping, but as soon as I say this, both of them are on fire, screaming and ready to rush-I quickly grabbed them. "Ahem, don’t worry, let’s go out to play in the parking lot from another unit."
Before I got to Elymus, I called Guoan and talked directly to the sparerib boss. Ya was very cooperative and helped me to inquire about the nearby shops and then pointed out a certain one-the taxi turned around halfway and rushed over.
When I got to the place, it was really like that. There was a hot pot restaurant lined up, a barbecue and ribs. At the same time, there seemed to be many small hotels around, all of which looked like a good place to kill people and steal goods and hide murderers.
Thirteen cars pulled a hat very low as I told them and asked quietly, "How can I find it?"
"Simple" I smiled. "Look at me."
Then I found a few blocks to play mahjong, and the old woman said, "Aunties, please help me. My face is in pain like a dog whose tail has been stepped on." I really can’t live without your help.
When several aunts saw my expression, they immediately came to strength. "What happened to the young man?"
I pretended to be embarrassed and said angrily at the same time, "Auntie, my wife’s boss in a foreign company class is in her fifties and sixties, and then she seduced my wife. Just now, my friend said that the foreign old man took my wife to this street to check in. Do you think I’m here to catch a rape?"
Then my eyes were full of tears and I was in pain. "I can’t find their room!" If auntie can help me find out and I give auntie a hundred dollars.
When several aunts heard it, their blood surged up, and their eyes were burning. One by one, they patted their chests and shouted, "Is this good?" They all offered to help me find this person. Usually, I can’t bear to take my mobile phone out of my clothes and prepare to make a call …
"Aunt, be careful, don’t be known by that foreigner." I also told 1.
Aunt nodded her head and lowered her voice. At the same time, she told each other to keep a secret one by one-several words were played out and several old ladies ran around asking questions … The streets were full of old women whispering …
"well, this is your way?" Thirteen was dumbfounded at once. "Is this ok?"
I nodded heavily. "No problem. Every time we adjust the water or open a new store, we buy one get one free eggs, and I smiled insidiously." Especially yesterday, when the water was adjusted, even if the goods saw it, it was a big deal to adjust it again.
Ten minutes later, we got the exact news that a foreign ghost did open a hotel!
Thirteen and I went to the hotel, and there were more and more old ladies, old men and young people watching the scene. It was like a wife cheating on someone …
Thirteen limit regrets "people’s enthusiasm for hexagrams is really a great force.
Chapter two hundred and seventy Millie suspense rescue
I came to the hotel with the help of Shisanyi, naturally, and posed as a bright identity-although the boss didn’t know what it meant to be followed by such a large group of people, he immediately took us downstairs when he saw my certificate.
I turned around by the stairs. "uncles and aunts, I’m going to arrest people. Do you think you shouldn’t go?" I explained in a whisper, "If everyone goes, I won’t make a move, and maybe I’ll call that old thing away."
Several aunts immediately supported "Yes! The young man is very considerate-so we can help you stare at yourself and let go of the rape. "
Some great-grandmother came over and stuffed me with a broom stick …
Tears welled up in my eyes. I said, "Thank you." I’ve always been determined. "Don’t worry, I won’t make that old thing feel better."
The boss poked his head aside. "What is it?" Thirteen Bala twisted a girl in the past. "Don’t talk nonsense and stay in front of me."

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