"It’s a shark," Aozhen replied.
"dumpling? Is it also a dragon? "
"No," Aozhen gave me an oblique look. "It’s a shark, not a dragon dumpling."
"Sharks!" I’m a little surprised.
Aozhen said, "It’s not a shark to have a spiritual shark. It’s shaped like a dumpling with two claws and can be transformed into a human form. If there are a few, I can handle it myself, but now it’s a bit much …"
Yi Congshan turned to look at us. "What did you see? Why can’t I detect anything? "
"It will be discovered soon," Aozhen said, and at the same time told Yi Cong Shan, "Pay attention to shooting the shark’s eyes and shoot two arrows if one arrow can’t penetrate, and at the same time pay attention to hiding yourself and try to hide behind the aquarium warrior. If the shark bites your body, no one will save you, you know?"
"Know the seven princesses" Yi Cong Shan replied "Aye! I found it. "
At this time, 40 light and shadow are only 300 feet away, followed by 200 feet, 100 feet, 50 feet and 30 feet. A dozen of them have quickly outflanked the front of the ship.
The hull shook violently, and Yi Cong Shan and I both fell down on the deck to see water columns rising in all directions, and more than ten sharks with different colors flew out of the sea.
There was a flash of red light around Aozhen, and the dragon had risen and flew into the enemy line. Several sharks were photographed in the water by it, and pieces of blood had floated out of the sea.
I also jumped into the circle of Gankun, and mixed the sky with silk. At the same time, I shot a jade sword, but firm but gentle, and splashed a blood fog from a shark. At the same time, it was easy for Cong Shan to shoot more than ten arrows and hurt three sharks’ eyes.
When I recovered the golden circle, HongLing fell back to the deck, and Aozhen also withdrew from the enemy line, wrapped himself around the mast and looked straight at each other.
The sharks retreated a little and confronted us. It can be seen that in the previous round, although our attack hurt each other a lot, it did not cause heavy damage to each other.
Aozhen suddenly flew to the port side with a roar overhead, and at the same time, a row of waves clung to the ship’s side and several sharks appeared in the bow.
"Yi Cong Shan!" Seeing a shark coming at Yi Cong Shan two feet away, I threw out handfuls of gold rings and threw HongLing around Yi Cong Shan’s waist and dragged her to the side.
The gold ring in the shark’s head fell into the water, but another shark had grabbed a nearby aquarium warrior and stuffed it into his mouth.
I can’t drag it like this. We must die. I threw my right hand and HongLing tied a shark. At the same time, my left hand hit him in the head with a gold ring. Then I jumped and held a jade sword to cut him around the waist
"hey!" The shark was cut in two and plunged into the sea.
Since then, I have cooperated with Cong Shan to kill two sharks.
Suddenly, the seawater stirred, and a huge whirlpool appeared on the sea surface ten feet away from the stern, and the mackerel spread outward.
What is the situation that the vortex surface in the consciousness is a huge light mass?
Suddenly, two huge tentacles came out of the whirlpool. One entangled two sharks and dragged them into the whirlpool. In the other whirlpool, more tentacles came out. A huge squid head appeared from the water.
"Wang Wucheng Jing?"
This is the real siren
Aozhen transformed herself into a human being and issued a series of orders to the aquarium crew.
The sail lifted and the boat moved suddenly, and we almost fell down again.
However, the ship suddenly stagnated after only a few feet, and then the stern sank a few tentacles and stretched out the deck to drag two Shui warriors into the water, and the tentacle grabbed the boatside desperately.
"Cut his tentacles!" Aozhen shouted, "But don’t stimulate him!" Obviously, she is more afraid of this siren than shark.
Once again, I jumped up and waved my sword, and the shock wave flew out everywhere. The four tentacles suddenly loosened, and the other four tentacles were also knocked down by Aozhen, and they were out of the control of the prince.
"Nezha, look out!" I heard Meilin shout at the door of the cabin and felt that there was an evil wind behind my head, and then I was slapped down on the deck. I suddenly turned over and saw a shark’s head close at hand, and Bai Sensen’s teeth were exposed in my mouth, and a pair of claws were patted to me again.
But just as her paws approached my chest, her paws suddenly inexplicably closed together and turned aside. At the same time, two arrows shot into her left eye in succession.
I raised my hand and cut her neck with a sword, and my blood splashed all over me.
I rolled over and sat up and felt the pain behind me. It didn’t seem like a big shark. She was still struggling painfully. The back of her body was nailed to the deck by Aozhen’s sword, and her claws were tied by Meilin’s flying out of the dragon rope.
The battle of the sea shark king Wu continues, but it is getting farther and farther away from us.
AoZhen looked at seriously injured shark "was a little girl! The skin is so tender! "
I took a few steps to the door, and the pain in my back made me dizzy.

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