This small building looks very old. Most of the dilapidated brick walls are old-fashioned decoration. The corners are black and covered with mold.
Li Xiangkui struggled to walk to the door of the small building, holding back discomfort. The door was not locked, and the handles were corroded and rusted.
Gently push the wooden door with a creaking sound, and a musty smell will be opened, mixed with the stench of physical corruption.
"ouch ~"
Although he had smelled a lot of unpleasant smells before, none of them were so irritating this time. The smell directly stimulated his throat and made him retch.
Bewitched eyes as if nothing had happened, they walked in directly from the door and glanced at Li Xiangkui, mocking "It’s really not."
Li Xiangkui can endure anything but being looked down upon by women.
As soon as he looked up and turned around, he resolutely followed him and went in. Although his pale face still exposed his discomfort.
There are a lot of sundries piled up in the hall, and there are some broken tables and chairs at the door. The surface seems to be self-protection to block the door when the last days come.
Li Xiangkui observed the ground and didn’t think the table was scratched, but the floor was smooth, which had to make him confused.
If the mutant forcibly breaks into the house, the table will be pushed to its present position by the door, and this force will inevitably leave a clear scratch on the floor.
In this case, it is suspected that these tables were deliberately moved here and were not blocked.
Li Xiangkun continued to wander around the living room with doubts. Several photo frames attracted his attention. He quickly walked to the front of the TV and looked at these photos carefully.
This is a family of four. Most of these photos are taken by the family and record the changes from the birth of two children to their adulthood.
The first photo shows young parents holding two babies in their arms and smiling more brightly.
It is said that there is a happiest moment in the world, that is, the moment when one’s own flesh and blood is just born, which proves that a man and a woman have evolved their parents.
In the second photo, two children have been able to run around in the park, and the young parents are looking at their children happily.
It is their eyes that seem to be fixed on the slightly younger child, while the older child is noticed.
In the third photo, two children’s necks have worn red scarves, and some purple marks are faintly revealed in their arms, but they are all covered by sleeves, and their smiles are far-fetched; My brother is wearing a big red flower on his chest, which should be awarded by the school.
In the fourth photo, two children have passed away. My brother in high school is tall and thin, and his face has some vicissitudes. It seems that it is not very good. My brother is also very tall, but his body is very handsome and heroic.
If the two brothers were not aware that they were brothers, it might be a photo of their father.
Seeing this scene, Li Xiangkui felt something in his heart. He felt that he was also born in the same womb. Why will the gap between the two people get bigger and bigger? How much harm does family discrimination do to a person?
He could almost imagine what kind of scene and atmosphere was in the last photo. When he picked up the photo frame, it was not unexpected.
In the photo, the brother has many scars and tattoos, and his hair has changed from black to yellow, with a stubble and a touch of handsomeness.
My brother is still sunny, with short black hair and masculinity, dressed in a bachelor’s degree and holding a diploma from a famous university.
His parents and brother held his arm on both sides, and his face did not show pride.
My brother seems to want to reach out and join them, but no one pays attention to his embarrassment and puts it into his trouser pocket with a bitter face.
"What are you staring at, man?" Li Xiang-Lian was interrupted by the rude voice of the deluded eyes. He imagined that he shook his head and said to her, "Nothing, just looking around."
"You when you are traveling? You don’t know what our purpose is, do you? It’ s just that you are so delayed! " Bewitched, his temper became more violent and he was criticized over and over again.
However, her speech went in one ear and came out directly from the other ear, which did not affect him.
He noticed that the bewitched eye was holding a note and asked curiously, "What’s that in your hand?"
"Ah …" He was still training words to confuse his eyes. He was puzzled by his questions for a long time. He never listened to himself and said grumpily, "Why are you so curious?"
"Can you show me? Maybe I know something, "asked Li Xiangkui sincerely.
"That …" Bewitched eyes are curious that he or she can be humble after this, but they can’t help but look up to him and throw the notes into his hand.
"Thank you." Li Xiangkun smiled and began to look at the notes carefully.
"Why thank you …" Bewitched eyes shook their views on men. Maybe this person is really different, but when she remembered her previous experience, her mind once again became identified and whispered, "Men are so hateful. Hypocrites are even more hateful."
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two
Li Xiangkui looked at the leather cover of his notebook engraved with exquisite patterns, but it looked very worn because it was in a mold-dense area for a long time and there was often dust falling on it.
He breathed a sigh of relief and brushed his face with dust, choking and coughing with flying ash.
Open the first page of the cover and write some evil words, accompanied by skeletons, crosses and other patterns, and there is an ominous smell coming.
"To pay homage to myself"
A line of words appeared on the page and a black and white photo of children was posted.
Li Xiangkun was surprised to find that the child in the photo was his brother in childhood.
He turned back page by page, and many words caught his attention.
"If God gave you a chance to choose again, would you still treat me like this?"
"You all regard your brother as the only baby. Even if he has a slight cold, you will be distressed to death! And what about me? Do you know how many knives and scars you have suffered to protect your young brother? It’s ridiculous to tell me that this is what a brother should do! "
"If you had a little better for me? Even if I can be more intentional, I feel that there will be no such result? "
"It’s a pity that there are not so many in the world. If you have chosen this road, don’t blame me for being ruthless."
"Farewell! My dear parents and my dear brother. "
The last page of this note is printed with a big bloody handprint, and a bloody skeleton occupying the whole page is shocking.
"I’m afraid I know the story of this family and it’s not as simple as I thought," said Li Xiangkun, looking at what he was rummaging through.
"Simple or complex, I’m afraid it’s all other people’s things. What’s an outsider with you? It’s more important to go to the second floor to solve the root cause of tinnitus. "Bewitched eyes will just turn it out and throw it aside and pat their hands."
When they saw that the clues on the first floor had been searched and there was nothing valuable, they began to look for the stairs leading to the second floor.
However, when they got to the stairs, they found that there was no such thing as stairs, in other words, the stairs had been destroyed, and at first glance, it was a broken guardrail.
"What shall we do now?" Lee sang-woon’s hands spread out like a Kenai.
"I know you can’t count on this smelly man. Look at me!" Bewitched and despised, he looked at Li Xiangkun, then rolled up his sleeves and looked at the distance between two floors.
She stepped back a few steps, then sprinted to the wall, ran two steps with the help of the wall, and then jumped up to reach the top guardrail.
It’s a pity that her fingertips are struggling to reach out, but the guardrail is still missing.
Bewitched, I retreated again and then rushed to a guardrail that jumped up to the second floor at a faster speed.
As soon as her eyes lit up and the horse was about to touch, she found herself in a healthy trend or failed to grasp the guardrail successfully.
This time, her persistent heart was touched, and she tried to touch the guardrail again and again, but she was surprised to find that her guardrail was getting farther and farther away.
When she landed, her foot was unstable and she almost fell to the ground. She noticed that the ground near the wall had sunk more than ten centimeters. No wonder she jumped farther every time. It turned out that the distance was increasing.
"You come here" bewitched and looked at the notes. Li Xiangyue greeted him.
Li Xiangkun is studying what happened in this family. He looked up at her with some doubts when he heard the mesmerizing eye sound.
"You come to the wall and bend over here to take me." Bewitched eyes looked at him with eyes full of emotion, and his pupils became rare and abnormal.
Li Xianglian felt as if a nun was singing in his ear. The whole person was more relaxed than floating in heaven.
His pupil diffused into bright red, and he was very obedient. He went to the wall and bent over.
"Baby, this is good!" Bewitched, he whispered in his ear, and his delicate hand gently brushed his neck and face.
Seeing Li Xiang as firm as a rock, without a trace of shaking, the eyes once again retreated a few steps, a sprint stepped on his back, and both hands were able to grasp the guardrail. When he turned over, he crossed the guardrail and landed safely on the second floor.
She looked at Li Xiangkun, who was still bent down, and made a snap of his fingers, and he was out of the control of bewitch.
Li Xiangkui felt some pain in his back and couldn’t help but rub it hard. He found that there were actually two groups of ash on the surface, which happened to be the size of footprints, and looked up at the second floor to confuse the eyes. Everything was known.
"You have bewitched me!" Li Xiangkun said with some disbelief.
"Even friends are profitable by hook or by crook, and even worse, we are not even friends." The bewitch left a word and walked towards the depths of the second floor.
Li Xiangkun looked at her back silently without saying a word. He continued to look at the diary in the hope of finding some clues.
"This day has finally come, and I can fulfill my wish!"
This passage is hidden deep in the cover interlayer after writing a diary, and most people can’t notice it.
"It has finally arrived? Does this mean the end? " Li Xiangkui said to himself, I can’t help but think carefully. What would it be like if this brother knew that the end would come?
"ah!" Just as Li Xiangkun was thinking, a woman screamed on the second floor, which was just confusing her eyes.

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