"That’s more like it!" Longteng satisfiedly sneer at.
"But …" The conversation turned early. "But you can’t get your car back."
"…" Longteng consternation this girl was waiting for him here! His face was livid and he gritted his teeth. "How dare you?"
"What am I afraid of?" Laugh at early "your car my dad has let a person to pull away … your identity can’t be exposed? So can you go to the military to get your car back without my dad’s approval? Your car has been modified. Isn’t money available? "
A word called Longteng can be refuted.
Turn around and look at Longteng’s hand early. "Does he care about your money?"
"Uh …" Nuo Nuo nodded "yes".
"Then hurry up and get the check out," ordered early. "And change clothes with the workers!"
"Hey, yes!"
Hand carefully looked at Longteng to see his beaten expression. The check took him to change clothes with the workers. The preparation worker was in a good mood early and took the check to the responsible workers.
Section 56
"Thank you, thank you, Miss Xuan Si"
"You’re welcome"
Staring at Longteng’s back early is naturally calculated in my heart. After so many things, how long has she been? This Longteng’s presence here is certainly not so simple. Could it be that this person forced him to give up monitoring our state?
Turned around and called Liang Juanbang early.
"Hello early" Liang Juanbang received her words in a good mood "wake up? Tired? "
"hey! Not serious "got angry early and got down to business" I want to tell you that man is in the vineyard now! "
"that man?" Liang Juanbang slightly to react immediately early refers to who "how could he be there? Is it to bother you? "
"Huh?" I couldn’t help laughing when I heard it early. "Haha … I don’t know what he is doing here, but now he has lost a sum of money and worked with the workers. At this time, he can’t do anything for me for the time being."
Liang Juanbang was surprised. "How did you do it?"
"Hee hee" proudly told him what happened just now. "Am I smart?"
Liang Juanbang couldn’t help laughing. "Are you … is he mad at you?"
"Ha ha!" Laugh early "who cares! Who told him to come here to see me? Is it bullying? But he was unlucky to be stared at by me so soon … If he does anything, I will toss him to death! "
Liang Juanbang is not so assured "why don’t I accompany you in the past? I don’t want anything to go wrong at this time. "
"Aren’t you busy?" Liang Juanbang was right early. "You must be very busy these days for the wedding and honeymoon … I’m still dealing with it. There’s no danger for the time being. Now he’s right under my nose. What can you do to me? Don’t worry! "
"That … you be careful"
Liang Juanbang thought for a moment and agreed.
Longteng has been busy in the workshop all afternoon. Although his physical strength is not a problem, his knowledge of brewing technology is naturally assigned to do the simplest chores. This is called high heart. How can he swallow this tone?
"It’s time for dinner!"
The workers shouted Longteng hand behind him at the door and carefully said, "Dragon can rest less …"
"I know! I am not deaf! " Longteng angrily threw the tools in his hand and turned around to see that he didn’t show up early in the afternoon.
Early, with a smile on his lips, "It’s hard work …" Paused and called "Dragon Less?"
"Huh?" Longteng eyebrow "what did you call me? What do you know? "
Wave early. "Don’t be so nervous. I don’t know anything except your name is Dragon … Let’s go and have dinner! Even if I am a worker, I have no reason to be mistreated. "

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