This person is the incarnation of Jade Barrier Ink Spirit Lord.
Now, the patriarch of Guyingzong has been closed to Zongyan for a long time, but in fact, he has gone to the mainland of fire and spirit, and everything, big and small, is entrusted to the jade barrier to replace the patriarch.
Soon the East broke.
Brother Yi Guying has come to Chi Pan.
He is sitting on the jade barrier in the middle of the lake with one hand and pointing to his chest and devoting himself to Gannan. "Report to Brother Jade that a new Shicheng Xianshi auction has been set up outside the northern part of the Tianqiao of Kyushu Chamber of Commerce recently, and those who have no intention of peddling no longer win or lose each other are still fighting for each other …"
Before I finished, the jade barrier was faint and said, "Go to cicadas."
When Gu Ying saw it, he bowed and left.
After a moment, Jade Barrier slowly opened his eyes, frowned slightly, and asked, "The cat was … don’t you see something in it? There is a shuttle platform first, and then a fairy city … What are you thinking, old man? "
Meditation for a long time, he still puzzled misty rain pavilion.
Five shuttles were set up in Kyushu, and there were also fairy cities in front of the North and South Battalions. It seems that misty rain pavilion has become blurred by fog and I don’t know the real intention?
But when he looked down at the calm lake and reflected himself,
Suddenly, I was shocked and felt something, but I looked at the distant southern sky. I opened my eyes for a moment and pondered, "Yoga man, you disappoint Saint …!"
But for a moment, his violent face and mouth corners were slightly tilted and he laughed again and again. "~ no, no, no, that’s good!" What a wonderful result!
Secret ~ It seems that your generation of walkers can command this small mountain and sea path … and never come back!
And you … can also sit quietly over the top of the mountain and eventually become a rotten and poor stone, looking at the sacred mountains and seas, hahaha ~ "
Then he laughed wildly.
Obviously, the Lord Mohling has known that Yoga Man has violated his will, which is beyond his expectation, but the result is what he is willing to accept at the moment.
Because Luo Yu knows his true identity, once he is called back to Shanhai, he will be completely exposed to the sun … It is so difficult that it will affect his plan.
And what he needs most at the moment is time!
If yoga man really destroyed the main array of the mainland stargate, he would have enough time to prepare everything.
In this way, you can consume the power outside the mountain and slowly destroy the mountain and sea barrier from the outside of the mountain and sea, and it will be shrouded in dark sources within a hundred years.
At that time, the aura of mountains and seas will be lost without the protection of enchantment
At that time, the heresy of all ethnic groups in the mountains and seas will not be broken. Isn’t it perfect?
Thought of here, he was so happy that he looked at the mirror-like pool and sighed, "Master … is this the pool where you repented?" What a beautiful lake ~ "
If someone else hears this statement, it will be a rock-breaking.
This repentance pool is famous for being on the Enlightenment Avenue in this lake before the Ganan venerable went to the mainland to be punished by God, and the jade barrier, the Lord of Mohling, actually said the word "Master"! ?
Can it be said that the 12-year-old Ganan Venerable Master is the Master of Mohling?
It’s incredible that a brother who is compassionate and willing to respect the world almost overthrew the devil of the evil clan of Shanhai!
I don’t know what the ambiguity in this’ Jade Barrier’ is.
At the moment, he is reaching out and scooping up a clear lake. The water quality is clear, and the light and shadow are flowing from his fingers like a galaxy.
"The murmur of water can calm my mind … and my heart?"
Guimenchuan Heishan Heishuijing
A long blue shadow is galloping past, and in a moment it crosses the peaks and ridges of Montenegro.
At the moment, Luo Yu is putting to use the seven-step song formula. The fourth step is vigorous posture, like Xuan Flash’s ghosting’ grins’, stepping on the empty swing around Wan Li’s clouds, and wearing through the dark night like a stunning, and going through the clouds in the direction of blackwater.
Since I left this black mountain, the mountain spirits and ghosts have gone to July 7th, leaving some marginal goblins.
This pilgrimage can prevent the yoga man from becoming a demon, but he never thought that he would eventually fail and make him his own woman by mistake.
Momentum oneself also know that if you can take advantage of the yoga man to die in the Qing Dynasty, you can greatly weaken the power of God to punish the mainland for magic cultivation, so that the evil clan method of Mo Ling can cross the Kanan venerable man’s golden body method and sit in the snow field.
At the same time, I can also cut off the ink spirit Lord and stretch out an arm, and then I have to be able to return to the mountains and seas before the ink spirit Lord’s plan is completed, which will completely expose the sun.
But … Now that Yoga Man has become my woman, how can I bear it? Even if she unfortunately falls into the abyss, she will try to pull her out of the mire herself.
I think she should be possessed at the moment … I’m afraid it’s not as good as Dajue Dixian!
I now surge in strength, and it is impossible to compete, and it is even more impossible to stop the pace of the North. It is hard to be caught by my own woman …
It seems that I need to bully Boer and them to meet as soon as possible, and then go north quickly, so as to catch up with the Kanan Venerable before the fall of the pure land of Kanan.
It would be best if Ganan Zun can compete with Jia Nan, otherwise the pure land of Xueyuan will turn into a sea of blood!
Thinking of this, I knew that the situation was urgent, and Luoyu even reserved the opportunity to step forward.
In a short time, he saw a ravine valley in the distance across the black water in Montenegro.
This valley is the place where I first met that bird man Wu ‘a.
There are large and small peaks on both sides of the valley, and there is a line in the high and low numbers. There is a mist in the valley, and decaying and dead trees are faintly scattered.
As the distance gets closer, the field of vision gets closer quickly.
As I stepped into Luoyu, I saw a mountain peak in the valley like an old man lying on his side in the clouds!
This man is like an old man of the Mohling clan. He is dressed in a country bunt, his hair is gray, his face is furrowed and wrinkled, and his eyes are closed in his eyes like a dream.
It is strange that a pair of butterfly wings slightly incited by the old man on the mountain couch appeared and disappeared on this day.
The colorful butterfly wings make people look like a dream from a distance, but it is certain that this old man with wings is by no means a wild monster.
Because these colorful butterfly wings are illusory images
As the saying goes, if something is different, there must be a demon!

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