The drum roll waves are like waves, and the ripples are constantly rippling. The shield is blessing this seemingly angry mountain.
This mountain is called Qingwu Mountain, where the Shuiling clan and the Qing clan have lived for generations. Because of the virtual left and right terrain, it is narrow and impassable, and the shallow hills in the south can be seen at a glance.
So the Qingwu Mountain has become the most difficult natural barrier to break through in Qian Shan.
Once you break through the north behind the Five Mountains, it is easy to see a smooth road. The fourth, third and second mountains in chandy are even behind the vault, and Miaoshou Mountain is faintly visible!
Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the five mountains in the misty rain pavilion; But for the evil clan, it is bound to be.
It is destined to become a key place in Qian Shan and a bottom hole that devours life.
At the moment, the southern part of the Qing Dynasty can be described as a suffocating cloud, and the vast undulating hills are already Shaqi looming and rising without any life.
As far as the eye can see, the hill is the habitat of Shuiling people, but now it is polluted by Shaqi, and the living beings have already infiltrated the rivers and mountains with blood.
And there are thousands and tens of thousands of dark shadows rushing through the rare haze in the south of Qingwu Mountain!
There is no cry, the earth is trampled and shaken by emotion, and the sound of golden drums on the top of the mountain is shaking the hearts of five mountains and thousands of people again and again.
The golden drum thunders against the sky, prompting the light beam to rise to the sky, and the southern side of the Qingwu Mountain surface is flashing like Long Lin’s silver-stained blue wave from the top of the mountain, and it extends to the mountain barrier to reveal one by one, dressed in silver armor and armed with water blue crystal shields, waiting for thousands of Shuiling Shan Haiwei.
Compared with other races, the proportion of men and women is mixed, and women are even more redundant. On the theory of men and women, men and women are mostly gentle and have good faces, which can be described as the highest average face value of all races.
However, the difference in his racial appearance is convenient for them to argue that both men and women are slender and slender, with long hair rolling like waves at the end of a waterfall, and blood is always blue and fluorescent with stars like water.
Although in ancient times, the watery clan seemed a little weak, so it died, and the curse of the spirit was famous for its humiliation.
But it is such a cowardly race that yearns for peace, but at the moment it sticks to this barren land. The blood of generations of grandchildren has washed away the humiliating name left by their ancestors again and again.
At the moment they have critical teeth trembling; There are people who mumble prayers to the spirits; There are also people who show perseverance, but most of them have never experienced life and death, and they are all pale and unable to control themselves and keep shaking.
Chapter 532 Blood shadow spilled Nanshan elegy wounds
Knock, knock, knock …
The golden drum on the top of the mountain seems to be getting more and more urgent.
The rock barrier-the person holding the water-patterned banner of Shanhaiwei has been facing the magic tide, waving the banner like water flowing, and drinking loudly, "Evil people travel for five thousand nights!"
As the distance of Nanshan is like Wang Yang, Shui Ze is running at a high speed, and the black shadow is approaching the mountain barrier.
The earth shook and threatened like a tyrannical wind.
At the same time, the top of the mountain came to Nv Jiao to drink "Feiyu ~!"
"Drink!" On the south side of the face, the thousands of mountain guards formed a silver’ barrier’ and immediately they should drink it together.
Immediately, they were all uniform and relaxed, and their long hair and high bundles floated behind them like waterfalls. The left hand held the shield to the natural elevation angle, and the right arm was pulled back. The first half of the arm was actually purer than the gurgling water, and it stretched out with long thorns!
"Kill the devil ~!" The top of the mountain is coming again, and the woman is calling!
Thousands of mountains and seas have heard that they have been drinking "wind ~!"
Like a broken string, it resounds through Nanshan in an instant
A spunlace nearly nine feet long has passed through the center of an ice wafer shield at a high speed and instantly solidified like an ice spunlace.
The cold mountain glimmers at the front end of more than a thousand ice thorns, but it splits into three strands as petals bloom, and rotates like a sharp blade, like a rain curtain. The shadow mask of migratory locusts is spilled and rushed into the wave of evil spirits.
Dark red blood spattered on
In an instant, the black evil figure was strangled by a root ice thorn, condensed and spread with the cold frost, and I don’t know how many evil evil figures were instantly frozen and then collapsed to turn dirty blood.
Although the aura of Shuiling clan is scarce, it is difficult to cultivate in the sea of Qian Shan domain, even those who are qualified geniuses only stop at the early stage of gas refining, but they are naturally gifted in ancient times.
This strangulation of the Quartet’s’ Flying Rain’ is precisely the innate talent of the Shuiling family to lead the water into a soldier and form a kind of war!
However, the advantages and disadvantages of this method are that it is as ever-changing as water, which can prevent, attack and cure trauma. It is not a matter of lacking arms and legs among the Shuiling people, which can be described as tenacious vitality
However, the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, this talent needs to consume its own blood, so it should not be too abundant, otherwise it will be dangerous.
This truth is like excessive blood loss. If you lose a small amount, it will naturally hurt you, but if you lose too much, you will have life worries.
However, how can the evil practice of the Mohling clan, a homologous ancient clan, be an ordinary generation?
In the face of another burst of flying rain, the ice thorn cover was sprinkled and strangled, and then the night guards of the Moling clan have roared and jumped up in the Mercedes-Benz. In the middle of it, they burst into pieces like blood shadows and minced meat, and the semi-permeable barriers condensed like blood ink, like giant blood shields, blocked the flying rain all over the sky.
Immediately, the ghostly ghostly ghostly shadows in the blood shadow shield constantly fled to the vast haze behind.
Obviously, the Mohling people are stronger than their spirits. They are giving up a small number of their own flesh and blood to form a barrier to stop the rain, so that the former exorcists can break into the clear mountains near their eyes.
They seem cowardly and timid, and once they lose their long-range advantage, they will crush them and cry out in fear.
After all, although there is no aura in Qian Shan, they can rely on their natural advantages to gain strength and influence each other’s minds at close range, thus making them fall into fear and resist.
Because of this, at this moment, the remaining 3,000 people of the Moling clan have approached the rock barrier with the help of a huge blood shield!
However, the flag-bearer of Shanhaiwei, who stands upright on the barrier side, is still high-spirited and shouts, "Evil people travel 30 feet at night for 3 thousand ~!"

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