But the problem is that some of Emperor Wu’s key abilities may not matter to the strange ancestors.
The cat warrior speculated that Lu Chen’s ability to lower his attributes depends on his charm attributes.
However, the weird ancestors have also made great achievements in this respect. I am afraid that the coverage of Lu Chenguang’s ability will not take effect, and there will be no scaling ability of those two attributes.
Then what is the attribute of Lu Chen’s presence? The basic comprehensive attribute is only 31 points, which is not comparable to the strange ancestral roots.
The level of the enemy’s physical environment is high enough, and there is a huge gap in the attributes of the situation. Can Lu Chen really win?
But at this time, the cat was in no mood to worry about Lu Chen. He faced two strange ancestors with the same pressure, and it was not an overnight event to decide the winner.
"The colonel is ready."
Jade fairy cat guanyu shouted behind him
Cat guanyu smiled and looked at the two weird ancestors. "Then we will have the second round."
Shichanghe traveled to the Emperor Wudi Palace and the celestial people went away. Ye Fan Leng Yue stood side by side with Lu Chen.
Ye Fan also felt the pressure from the other end of the long river at this time, from the past eyes, and his body swept away, which made him feel cold and cold.
Is that waiting for the strong? Does the plateau still have such a horrible opponent?
All these years … The Emperor of Heaven has been alone?
At this time, such a strong man is coming, I’m afraid it’s not for Emperor Wudi’s palace and heaven, but for killing Liu Dage.
The sky is vast and the stars seem to be dim at this time. In the future, the moonlight and darkness will devour the light, and the long river will tremble, and the strong will step forward and make a thousand waves.
All kinds of negative emotions, such as despair and fear, seem to be filled with a period of history because of their arrival. The cause and effect are that their footsteps are rebellious, and their footsteps splash.
Ye Fan knew that he was afraid that he would meet his strongest enemy, which would represent the ultimate dark enemy of the world, the strange source of the plateau and all tragedies.
However, in the face of such adversity, he felt that his body and blood were boiling, and he felt that he could not wait.
He didn’t retreat at all, meaning that he felt that he could kill to the end of the battlefield when he had been side by side with men for a long time.
How many years have passed since the dark turmoil in my youth?
Finally, he once again faced the formidable enemy in the same battlefield with the man beside him.
"Brother Ye, let’s have a barbecue together after playing calmly."
Lu Chen grinned and didn’t mean to let Ye Fan withdraw from the battlefield. It was an insult to Ye Fan. The protagonist, Ye Fan, is definitely qualified to join this battle. It is impossible for people like Ye Fan to break through when they get cold feet.
"Leng Yue, show me your peak."
He ordered
Leng Yue nodded Liu Chen side momentum instantaneous surge and strip virtual shadow.
The powerful force made her long hair fly up and stand upright, and the single ponytail rushed to the sky, and the storm of ninja spirit was slightly ups and downs. Her beautiful eyes turned into pure blue, and the whole portrait was blurred, and another dimension exuded a strong breath alone.
Only a very close person can vaguely perceive this woman. She is like a ghost in the middle of time. In the virtual gap, the desperate will reap all life in the shadow.
Leng Yue’s comprehensive attributes soared to 33 o’clock in an instant, and the powerful impact of the clothes behind her was like ashes. The whole back was almost bare, and the whole petite figure looked very capable like a representative of speed.
"Cold girl is so strong?"
Ye Fan was also surprised that he hadn’t seen Lu Chen’s little sidekick around Wudi Palace in those days, but at that time, Leng Yue was far from him, and the other party couldn’t live after living for III.
I didn’t expect Leng Yue to live with Lu Chen all the time and have reached such a state that the breath is stronger than him.
"The Emperor of Heaven is flattering me."
Leng Yue light way if head-on confrontation regardless of the future level theory of combat power, she and Ye Fan may be the winner for several years, but it is not difficult to let her kill Ye Fan by assassination.
After all, she has a higher attribute and a longer training time. Say you’re welcome. At present, she has not yet undergone hierarchical transformation. For Ye Fan, the same situation is really not her opponent
Ye Fan’s real enemy in the same territory should be after he broke through to the sacrificial territory.
"There are three people …"
The distant sound has come from the other end of the long river as it did when Lu Chen came before. There are two dark shadows in the long river of time that have reached the forefront of the wave.
"Sure enough, the decision is right. We can’t let the variables continue to act."
Another sound is ancient and vicissitudes.
"Is this woman the one in my dream?"
A strange ancestor has a slight doubt in his tone.
"Not like it, but it should be erased."
Another strange ancestor said lightly that they had no feelings, and their discussion with each other was like discussing the life and death of an ant.
That’s the absolute enemy, strong self-confidence, being in another realm, and the strong being indifferent. They are the top strong people in this world, but they are not a dimensional creature to sacrifice the Taoist realm and the immortal emperor.
Finally, with the turmoil of the long river, a statue of life came out
He looks like a handsome young man, but his eyes are full of vicissitudes, and he is wearing a dark cloak. That kind of decoration does not belong to an era, but it is desperate and rare.
Lu Chen and others know that this is not necessarily the other side, but an image is manifested from the conceptual form, and no one knows.
Behind him came out a figure that looked less like a humanoid creature than a deformed monster, saying that Leng Yue should be erased. It was him.
Ye Fan looked dignified. He had never seen a strange creature who felt so unknown to him. The strange material root was not an order of magnitude with the opponent in front of them.

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