"I’m not sure about the chaos in Shandong yet. The specific news needs to be further explored. If the chaos in Shandong is really very big, we can try it. If the chaos in Shandong has declined, we can naturally watch."
Chen Kangbo is in a hurry.
"It’s now or never. If you can’t seize the opportunity and want to do something later, it’s too late to regret it!"
Tang Situi is even more angry.
"What do you mean it’s too late? When the Shandong thieves were pacified by Jin Guo, it would be too late for me to put all my manpower and material resources into Shui Piao! "
"Tang Si back! You! "
"I am located in you. If you dare to call me by my first name?"
"I can call you again! We are all courtiers. Are you nobler than me? "
Chen Kangbo and Tang Situi face-to-face confrontation atmosphere is very bad.
Zhao Gou looked at the dispute between the two men and waited for a while before clapping his hands.
"Well, you’re both Zaifu, even if you have different political views, you can’t argue like ordinary people haggling with vegetable sellers on the street. Do you still have to fight?"
Chen Kangbo and Tang Situi hurriedly confessed.
Zhao Gou with the wave.
"It is clear that the two Zaifu are both Da Song, but my Privy Council view is reasonable at this moment. At present, we know that it is better to invest too little manpower and material resources rashly for fear of getting into trouble and dying."
Zhao Gou set the tone for this matter. Chen Kangbo was disappointed, while Tang Situi was complacent.
In the end, Zhao Gou still thinks that Chen Cheng’s view is more appropriate, so he adopts Chen Cheng’s view and is prepared to let the Privy Council follow up the matter and learn more in detail before making a decision.
After Tang Situi and Chen Kangbo broke up in discord.
By the end of the month, near September, the new news was sent to Lin’ an
Lin’ an court learned that the chaos in Shandong Province of Jin Guo had been very severe, rebelled and the Guangfu Army occupied more places, and defeated the 8 Jin Army several times. It was reported that the main force of Shandong Jin Army had collapsed and the Guangfu Army won a decisive victory in Shandong.
Shandong is no longer Jin Kingdom Shandong, but now belongs to the Guangfu Army and the Han people.
The Guangfu army in Haizhou and Pizhou was very excited, and when the Southern Song Dynasty merchants in the border were doing black market trade, they all said these things, saying that the Guangfu army would occupy the whole Shandong.
The news was quickly sent to the Privy Council. Chen Cheng and Wang Lun couldn’t believe that their eyes felt different from what they had expected. The Guangfu Army didn’t die at a beat, but the bug was a dragon.
So they immediately reported the news.
Zhao Gou soon learned about it and said that he couldn’t believe his eyes. When he felt that the situation was beyond his expectation, he immediately called etiquette to discuss the matter.
Chen Kangbo was very excited this time.
While Tang Si and Shen should frown and feel bad.
They are afraid of Xu Jin Guo, afraid of the bones, and Reagan doesn’t want to have a conflict with Xu Jin Guo. If the Guangfu Army collapses, they are happy to stand by and take no responsibility, but the Guangfu Army has successfully occupied Shandong.
What did these rebels eat?
So fierce?
Can Shandong Jin Jun do that?
At that time, Shang Si retired and Shen should also feel a little incredible.
Chen Kangbo was as excited as finding the backbone and began to output strongly.
"The situation in Shandong has already won a decisive victory, and the collapse of the Shandong Golden Thief has become a reality. This is a great opportunity for us to recover the Central Plains!"
Chen Kangbo said excitedly, "I should immediately send someone to the Guangfu Army to contact Xu’s official position to woo the pioneer and then send an army of Beishan Donghe soldiers to launch the Northern Expedition! Then the recovery of the Central Plains is expected! "
Chen Kangbo not only showed his main battle position, but also directly showed his position of northern expedition to the Central Plains.
This can frighten Shen’s heart pounding, and Tang Si’s face is pale for fear that Zhao Gou will return to the Central Plains when his head is hot.
"Positions think twice! The Guangfu Army only won the victory in Shandong, but only one Shandong has two roads, and the gold owner still owns more than a dozen roads in the whole Central Plains. If the war is still unclear, we can’t act rashly! "
Zhao Gou is also quite excited to come. I feel that such a good opportunity is not good. It is really a good opportunity to do something.
Jin Guoren is sick. He is sick to death. Although he is very scared, he is afraid of anger. Seeing that Xu Guo is unlucky, that little anger will be ticked out.
But he was just about to say something. In a word, Tang Si gave him a pot of cold water to cool him down instantly.
He looked down at himself and didn’t look up for decades. The nightmare in Yangzhou once again hit my heart.
In those days, because of fear, Jinbingnan tried to relieve women’s panic in Yangzhou city. As a result, Jinbing suddenly appeared outside Yangzhou city, and his bed was so scared that he didn’t come to prove it. He rolled from the bed and rode a horse. running all the way escaped from Yangzhou city
When he finally calmed down, he found that the brother could no longer lift his head.
He hasn’t been able to break free from it for decades.
He didn’t dare to speak at all after taking the medicine. A doctor told him that it was a heart disease, but he still needed heart medicine to take medicine alone.
Angry Zhao Gou killed him directly.
But his heart disease has never been better since then, so his body has never looked up, and his spirit has never looked up.
He suddenly felt that the enterprising idea just now was not what he should have.
Why would he want to make progress?
It’s enough to live a stable life. It’s enough to live a peaceful life. It’s really enough. He doesn’t need it anymore.
What should we do about the possibility of great failure in the northern expedition to the Central Plains?
In case of being defeated, the Golden Man will come to catch him again, and he will search for mountains and seas to catch Zhao Gou. He will tread the road of survival and flee to the sea, suffering and suffering.
Terrible 8 jin j those who kill people without blinking an eye eat people don’t spit bones 8 jin j … Don’t that kind of life, absolutely not!
Want peace!
Be steady!
Enjoy yourself!
Zhao Gou held back her violent heartbeat and felt strong and calm.
"Although things in Shandong have been confirmed, it remains to be seen whether the future direction will remain. Tang Xianggong makes sense. I also think that I can’t rashly make progress and rashly launch the Northern Expedition. I don’t know if the preparation is sufficient. What should I do once the gold Lord’s army is south?
Shaoxing peace talks have been going on for more than ten years, and both sides have abided by the peace talks. We will not stop fighting and support the people in the north, so it is hard for the people to rest. Now it is not what I want to see, and it is not what the people want to see. "
Zhao Gou put on a show of compassion and secretly attacked Chen Kangbo’s radical ideas at the moral high ground.
Tang Si retreated heavily relieved.

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