A cold flank came out of Su Mo’s body in generate!
Su Mo sneered slightly in the eyes, and instantly recovered the clear and concise knowledge. The scene of hell around him disappeared.
Su Mo’s feet are stamped heavily!
A loud noise!
He was in the desert when he stepped out of a huge pit, and a figure was revealed with a sword in his hand.
The blade just stung Sumo’s paw!
A cruel look crossed this figure’s eyes.
It seems to him that his sword is enough to pierce Su Mo’s sole!
The man thought not fall ear to a crunchy.
His sword not only failed to pierce Su Mo’s sole, but also sent out a golden stroke.
His sword was bent like a thorn, and the iron wall was dim and almost broke!
The man face a body flashing to Sue ink on the other side of the set narrowed his eyes and looked at Sue ink spoke not a word.
Su Mo’s eyes turned and fell on this person.
This is a thin monk, but he looks like a dwarf.
Early Mahayana
In the ancient battlefield, the lowest monks were Mahayana bodhi old zu!
"You and I have a grudge to kill me?"
Su Mo said coldly
The thin friar sneered, "Why are you so naive when you practice in Mahayana? There is no reason for killing!"
In fact, this broken stone tablet really breeds a little magical power.
And this little monk didn’t leave after practicing this little magical power, but waited for his bodhi old zu to come with this broken stone tablet.
If he feels uncertain, he will be silent and not choose to shoot.
If there is no threat in the early days of Mahayana like Su Mo, he will sneak attack and slay!
This skinny bodhi old zu has really succeeded several times in this way.
I also got several small magical powers from his fallen bodhi old zu!
It’s a pity that he met Su Mo today.
Early to see this stone tablet instant Su Mo powerful spirit felt the danger!
"Young man, hand over your magic weapon. If you have any magical powers, I will spare your life!"
Thin bodhi old zu said coldly
He wants to come to Su Mo’s feet. He must be wearing a magic weapon of boots. He is invulnerable even to his sword!
Su Mo smiled and asked, "Don’t you know me?"
I don’t care who you are!
The skinny bodhi old zu sneered, "I killed more than ten fish like you who just stepped into Mahayana!"
Sumo nodded lightly and said, "Then you should pay for them today!"
After saying his word, Su Mo’s body flickers and qi and blood surge, and generate gives a series of glowing rays, stretching out his palm towards the thin bodhi old zu’s head and catching it!
Thin bodhi old zu face a change!
Su Mo’s hand burst into strength and momentum, and he was shocked by a sense of disaster!
I don’t want to think much about the thin bodhi old zu running the sword in his hand, and at the same time, it is fuelling qi and blood to stab the sword in Su Mo’s palm!
A sword stab Su Mo palm again to a crunchy!
Ordinary magic weapon roots can’t hurt violet’s real body!
Sue ink look cold eyes cool palm capacity directly grasp this sword force a shock!
Kaka, Kaka!
This long sword has emerged cracks!
Great power poured into the thin old ancestor
The thin bodhi old zu was shocked like a lightning strike, torn by blood and constantly retreating.
Su Mo went after him again!
When the skinny bodhi old zu drinks a lot, a little magical power bursts out!
Hell Road is also the little magical power of the stone tablet.
There are many small magical powers, and the inferno is one of the most powerful ones!
Su Mo smiled and slowly stretched out his palm. In the palm of his hand, he actually held a statue of blue lotus filled with bright glow!
Chapter one thousand six hundred and sixty-four Emperor’s
The little bodhi old zu released the scene around the Hell Road, which changed instantly. There were many ghosts and ghosts, and the blood gas filled the darkness!
Hell is the most ferocious avatar among the three evil ways.
Animal Dao can turn people into animals.

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