Penglai Sea Trade Center may help people accumulate wealth quickly.
"Penglai is a sea city!"
"That place is really nice."
"Many treasures can be bought there, which can be said to be the place where monks from all over the world gather together."
Obviously, Yu’s impression of Penglai is very good, and his tone is full of praise. It is estimated that he bought something satisfactory there.
"What does the elder think would happen if I were a Terran in Penglai?"
Looking at YuShi wind zichen seriously asked.
This idea came into being irresistibly after he saw the prosperity of Penglai sea city. If the Terran is a similar square city, then the wealth will gather and it will be difficult for the Terran to get rich.
"You are not ignorant of my Terran’s lack of materials, and who will risk their lives to come to Terran without good treasures in the wild road insurance?"
"Even if this sea city can get up, there is nothing to attract people."
Wanted to think YuShi replied
Penglai can rise because the East China Sea is rich in materials and attracts a large number of land creatures.
After Xuanqing, the East China Sea was covered with escort brothers, which facilitated people’s exchanges.
Only in this way can the prosperity of Penglai be promoted.
But what does the Terran have?
There’s nothing.
Don’t say it’s laying the groundwork, it’s attracting others, and the materials can’t be taken out
"The elder is joking."
"My Terran is short of materials, but the East China Sea is not short."
"We can sell the East China Sea resources to Terrans to attract all forces."
"When people wait for more people, this Fang city will naturally flourish."
"How many creatures can go to the East China Sea? There must be more creatures who don’t know that the East China Sea is rich and these creatures are our goals. "
Since you dare to say it, Feng Zichen naturally has a complete plan in her heart, and many aspects have been considered.
"What about sending the array?"
You Yushi asked
The East China Sea is more vast and dangerous than the wild.
If we can’t solve these problems, all Feng Zichen’s plans will be broken at the touch of a castle.
"It’s not difficult!"
"I can ask Di Jiang Zuwu to set up a battle array in the vast expanse of the earth. He won’t refuse this beneficial matter."
"Yu ‘an!"
"Then build Fang City into Yi City!"
"It’s too clear for the saints to be near shouyangshan. I don’t believe this. Some people dare to make trouble."
Feng Zichen has a well-thought-out plan, and he has a solution to everything that YuShi is worried about.
"It’s good to have a good idea."
Feng Zichen is so confident that it’s hard to say anything if there is danger. Anyway, the Terran won’t lose anything if it fails.
If it succeeds, the Terran will make a lot of money.
"Elder, you are in the East China Sea, so I’ll bother you about collecting materials from the East China Sea."
"Take these innate Dan before you ask me for it."
With this, Feng Zichen took out a bottle of innate nature Dan and submitted it to Yu Yu’s family. This is about 10,000 pieces of nature Dan from Xuanqing.
"I have a friendship with the Dragon Palace Interception. You won’t have any trouble coming with my token."
Afraid of YuShi trouble wind zichen told again
With the help of Xuanqing in the sea and the help of dragons in the sea, those who don’t touch the top avatar can already walk sideways in the East China Sea.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-four The pupil
"It’s all Terran. There’s nothing to worry about."
Took the accident Dan YuShi replied.
There is still some understanding about Feng Zichen’s wealth and danger.
It’s nothing to him that he can forge a mere 10,000 Taoist pills by himself in such a large humanitarian court.
"Then please the elders."
"I still need to go to Yi City to discuss with Yi Ang’s about the establishment of Fang City, so I won’t stay here."
East China Sea resources can be sold to land, and land resources can also be sold to the East China Sea.
It happens that after these years of development, terrans are widely distributed and can receive all kinds of materials. These resources can definitely make a lot of money when sold to the East China Sea.
There is no need to worry about selling anything shipped by the Terran.
This is a long-term business road, and the Terran can accumulate a lot of resources.
And these are all going through Yicheng.
Feng Zichen intends to turn Yicheng into the largest shopping mall in the wild, bringing together all forces to deduce the business road.
Business Road way of fortune!
Mastering this way and becoming the richest man in the wild is just around the corner.
Moreover, the combination of businessmen and money will definitely produce unimaginable changes.
Feng Zichen is looking forward to that day.
"Rest assured that you can have me in the East China Sea!"

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