The imposing manner seems to have fallen from high to the valley avatar.
Iwashimizu is not a praise to now she also can’t tell whether GuZhen or not at this time.
Because he is now facing his father with enough affection to make people imagine.
Chapter sixty-three Broken body
Valley avatar casually pointed out that the finger force was not as rapid as it was and it didn’t whistle repeatedly, but it just hit the weakest place in the sky and let it dissipate.
Gu Zhen leans back and sweeps away a lotus leaf with black hair not far from Iwashimizu. It is like jade, and the breeze blows his clothes. Tianshui is an inseparable whole.
At the moment, there is wind, water and feng shui, and it is more and more unpredictable to linger in cycles.
Even so, he is 70% sure to catch Gu Zhen.
Gu Zhen smiled and said, "The girl has been looking for a portrait of the deputy ancestor, but now she has not got a portrait of Tianbu. I am right."
Shi Qingshui’s face sank and said, "Do you have a portrait of Tianbu?"
Gu Zhen said quietly, "The portrait of the Ministry of Heaven is long gone, otherwise how could you come back without success? It’s the secret language of the portrait of the Ministry of Heaven, but it’s mine."
Iwashimizu took a look at the Valley Avatar and said, "Do you want me to help you deal with the Valley Avatar?" She can naturally find out the secret of the portrait and hide a few secret words in it.
Valley avatar also flatly didn’t expect Gu Zhen body and natural enemies that made Iwashimizu tight. Of course he had heard of it, but he also knew what it was. It was just a joke when it fell into the eyes of such masters as them.
Gu Shentong laughed. "I didn’t expect Miss Shimizu to believe the story of’ the natural enemy of the unity of the Ministry’. Even if you look for the unity of the map, it is just a powerful weapon, which is only beneficial to the martial way."
Iwashimizu said coldly, "Is this true?"
Gu Zhen said, "Gu Shentong is right. Finding something by combining pictures is a powerful weapon created by Liang Xiao’s father in the past, but there is still one thing in that huge weapon that I’m afraid the girl will be interested in."
Valley avatar face a clot don’t know what to say GuZhen.
Iwashimizu said, "What else?" If it’s really like Gu Zhen said, then the unity of the picture does not mean that the martial arts cheats are really not great for her.
Gu Zhen Kan Kan said, "Do you remember the girl who fought with me last night on the Qinhuai River?"
Iwashimizu beautiful eyes radiant with indecision, "what does this have to do with him?"
Gu Zhenshen said, "Because he is Li Zhichang, a generation of strange people who disappeared at the same time as Hua Xiaoshuang’s father and teacher and Siba three hundred years ago."
Iwashimizu was shocked and hesitated. "You said he was a figure three hundred years ago."
At the same time, she didn’t believe that Li Zhichang was so magical, and martial arts Bo didn’t seem to be as bad as her, which made her feel strange. It surprised her that Li Zhichang could have nine swords alone.
She had never heard of such a mysterious figure before, which really made people wonder that Gu Zhen was so sure that Li Zhichang was a living figure three hundred years ago. Although she knew that there was nothing wrong with her living for one or two hundred years now, it was too surprising that Li Zhichang really lived for hundreds of years.
Gu Zhen said leisurely, "He has not only lived for hundreds of years, but he is afraid that he is also a fairy figure on the earth now. Although I don’t know where he has been for hundreds of years, one thing is certain: he may leave the world at any time and reach the other shore."
Iwashimizu noncommittally said, "Although it’s not unheard of to break away and smell, you and I should know how difficult it is to go to that level and how can we continue to stay in the world."
Gu Zhen sighed, "This is not what I can understand. This Li Zhichang ancestor has a sword, which is exactly the sword of Liang Xiaozu in the portrait of his ancestor. In those days, Liang Xiaozu used this sword to cut off the green sword of a generation of swordsmen and rams, but afterwards, people cleaned the battlefield and found no green sword. broken arrow went to the place and seemed to disappear."
Avatar Gu has heard about this matter, but it is unknown. I didn’t expect this sword to dive into the dragon.
Iwashimizu said, "You mean this sword is weird?"
Gu Zhen said, "Because there is a big secret hidden in this sword?"
Iwashimizu smile didn’t ask carefree to a finger seems to have the strength to pour out.
Guzhen didn’t expect Shimizu to break his mind at this time.
Zhou Liu’s strength does not break the other side’s finger force, and the true qi is still poor. The secret of Zhou Liu’s strength is that it is condensed into a broken one, and it seems that it is really difficult to deal with it with a sword.
Gu Zhen even though the reaction is very fast, but the finger force of the other party is sharper and more overbearing than ordinary firm but gentle, and it is not a fingering that can be compared with the world.
He has gained all his life experience, and now he can’t see the origin of Iwashimizu’s fingering.
A wisp of black hair from a breathing valley was cut off and floated to the clear and moving water of Xuanwu Lake.
Valley avatar eyes sink and don’t start work.
If he helped Iwashimizu before, I’m afraid he will kill Gu Zhen if he is not good.
If he helps Gu Zhen, then Gu Zhen can’t say for sure, he will escape again. I’m afraid it will be difficult to capture Gu Zhen alive again when he recovers.
He hesitated, but Iwashimizu didn’t pause.
She is a decisive war, and Gu Zhen’s words are very touching. She is afraid of having other plans. Of course, she will not be led by the nose, even if she cares about Li Zhichang’s personal deeds, she will not shake herself to show her heart.
Two people kick the lake around are pouring water droplets, one after another. Iwashimizu’s lush jade fingers are firm but gentle and raining, and they kill Gu Zhen out of the water and strike back.
This is also the fact that Gu Zhen hid all the sequelae before leaving the world without meditation and exercise. Although he has already recovered from endless life, he is mentally tired but has no good posture.
He may be more self-disciplined, but it is more difficult to return to work.
And Iwashimizu, the martial arts of firm but gentle finger force, is really difficult. It’s hard to rely on him for six weeks’ virtual work. The true qi is amazing in destructive power, but in the end, the firm but gentle form of the other party is concise and qualitative. If he is short of energy, he will spend more than half of his time perceiving firm but gentle, and he can’t play 30% of his kung fu.
Iwashimizu’s six-pulse Excalibur is just like this even when Li Zhichang came out in his prime.
What’s even more rare is that she has suddenly increased the power of combining smart and overbearing firm but gentle. At this moment, she must be careful about her own protection when attacking, and she will exert the power of this firm but gentle door to the extreme to break her body.
Chapter sixty-four Quality dust
Zhou Liu’s six deficiency powers are the bane of all the true qi in the sky, transforming everything and destroying everything.
However, Iwashimizu’s firm but gentle is extremely shocking, especially when Iwashimizu made it rise, firm but gentle was in a highly spiral state and attacked and killed at a super high speed towards Gu Zhen, which made it more difficult for Gu Zhen to fight back.
In an instant, it has been 30 strokes in the past. Even if Gu Zhen is not in a state at the moment, he can beat him. Three strokes are still a minority. I didn’t expect Iwashimizu not only to pass 30 strokes with him, but also to prevail.

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