Now Vietnam has less than two divisions, even with the Lao French army, there are only three divisions! Moreover, most of these troops are truly elite troops of the second-line troops, and the situation in France and Germany is getting more and more tense. France dare not send its elite army to Wan Li and Vietnam!
This time it’s trouble!
Chapter one thousand three hundred and seventy-nine War Tie Liang Mountain
When Curie was worried, the Jewish division had already arrived in the whole Jewish division, which was equipped with a heavy artillery regiment, a tank regiment, a reorganization and heavy division, and the firepower was strong. It was also among the best among the divisions of the Chinese Revolutionary Army, giving the Jews a reassurance. Zhang Yi always spared no effort in the equipment training of the Jewish division. Anyway, no matter how much the equipment was, the Jews paid for it.
As soon as the Jews arrived at Mount Tie Liang, they directly launched a crazy attack on the French army. Tieliang Mountain is a mountain, and it can also be said to be a gentle mound. This is a hilly area where tanks attacked and charged.
Bring up the rear, a heavy artillery regiment, fired cover artillery to suppress French artillery positions; The tank regiment is the first to charge the French army, and the three brigades and three arrows behind it go straight to the French position!
In an instant, the whole French position was completely covered by the fire of the Jewish division, and the guns rumbled and the fireworks rose from the French position!
That’s amazing!
In the blink of an eye, the French position was shrouded in smoke, and the French soldiers ran back and forth to avoid the Jewish division’s attack.
Curie also quickly rushed out of the headquarters, holding a telescope in a highland and looking into the distance.
Curie gasped. What a powerful offensive!
Behind the position, dozens of heavy artillery guns are listed, and they are constantly shelling their own positions. At the front of the position, tanks begin to charge! It’s a crushing situation!
At least there is a division with only one brigade. Although the fortifications here are also very strong, it’s hard to say how long it will last!
Curie roared, "Command the line defense to launch a counterattack against the Chinese revolutionary army. You must give me the offensive of the Chinese revolutionary army!"
The well-trained French army began to counterattack the French army. It is worthy of being the first army in the world. When the firepower was short, the Jewish division scored autumn. Of course, this also took advantage of the strong fortifications to help the French army effectively reduce the artillery lethality of the Chinese revolutionary army!
The two sides launched a fierce killing on Tieliangshan, and the guns rumbled and the smoke burst!
At this time, Curie was also impatient. Don’t look at the fact that the French army can’t kill each other. That’s because it has fortifications. With the deepening of the war, the fierce artillery will definitely destroy the fortifications. At that time, the French army can’t stop the Chinese revolutionary army from attacking!
Curie looked at the distance with a telescope in his hand, huh? No!
Although the flags of the Chinese Revolutionary Army in the distance are all from China, those soldiers are all from the West! All westerners. What’s going on?
Curie is a little confused!
Jewish divisions have always been very active in Shaanxi, Gansu and Sichuan, hiding their tracks. Now we know that there are not many Jewish divisions. Is there a westerner who has formed a Chinese revolutionary strategist? This is really a ghost!
But now Curie has already given up a lot!
Curie roared, "Immediately, the Governor’s Office reported that the Chinese Revolutionary Army had launched a fierce offensive against Tieliang Mountain. There was a division that stormed Tie Liang Mountain with fierce fighting power. The strength was very different. Please immediately send reinforcements to the Governor’s Office for emergency support! We must be quick, we can last for three days at most, and then we will be wiped out! "
A newspaper was quickly sent out by the signalman!
Curie is too high in three days, depending on his own strength. If it is an ordinary division, Curie can really resist three days. With strong terrain and strong fortifications, it is not so easy for a division to eat a French army. But what he faces is that the Chinese revolutionary army is among the best Jewish divisions, and besides this, there is a threat from heaven!
Yes, it is a threat from heaven.
As early as the military reform, Zhang Yi and Xu Huaijin had made plans to build a military airport and an airstrip near lang son in Guangxi, where a flying formation of 20 planes was parked!
At this time, the flying formation finally sent a field!
After only one day of fierce fighting between the two sides, the plane in Guangxi flew over to help!
Twenty planes flashed by from a distance and soon arrived at the front of the French position. One aerobomb fell directly from the sky and fell on the French fortifications. The huge explosion blew the fortifications with sand and stones, and the French casualties surged immediately!
The elevation angle of all heavy artillery tanks is limited, which is not harmful to the French army in the defense department. It can destroy the defense as much as possible, but unlike aerial bombs, they fall from the sky in a straight line, and bombs can even fall directly into the defense department. Such an explosion is too great a threat to the French army!
Airplane! It’s a plane!
Curie felt a surge of force in her heart. It was terrible. This aerial bomb caused more damage than three shells! Whether it’s power or destructive power, it’s worse than terror! The most important thing is to bring a great deterrent to the French army. Even Curie felt a sense of force. What’s worse, ordinary French soldiers were in a panic. That is to say, the plane was hit? It’s too powerful!
Yeah, they’re all at their wits’ end now. How to deal with Skyfighter? There is no way! It is said that the French army is now equipped with weapons to deal with fighter planes, but it is only at the beginning that even the first-line main forces are not equipped. Where can they get it?
The French army is really tired. Just one Jewish division has oppressed them. When the south rises, there are so many fighters. This is simply bullying people and killing chickens!
Curie was also afraid. This time, I’m afraid it’s the end of the 154th brigade. The other side’s combat power is too strong. Let the proud French army compete!
Curie screamed wildly, "Order to immediately send a second urgent letter to the Governor’s Office. The Chinese Revolutionary Army dispatched a large number of fighters to bomb the positions in a large area. It is difficult for our department to support it. Please send reinforcements quickly!"
Far away, the Jewish division commander smiled inside, and his heart trembled with excitement. Haha, this is the natural enemy of the French army. Isn’t it so good? As soon as the fighters arrived, they were numb. Haha, attack, attack! Two days when the commander only gave himself two days, if he couldn’t get Tie Liang Mountain, he wouldn’t have the face to be the teacher!
Chapter one thousand three hundred and ten Lou in disgust
The Sino-French War spread rapidly all over the world, and the latest chapter visited:
The dignitaries of many powers were stunned. This Chinese tiger really dared to do it. First, he cleaned up the Japanese, turned around and killed a British brigade. Then he worked with France. In less than a month, he first hit a world pseudo-power, and then even picked two big powers. This Chinese tiger is absolutely crazy!
Paris, France
Now Lubei is going crazy. Damn China guy is so bully. He always’ hands over’ to send troops in Japan. Two islands want to pick up some petty gains. You just hit Vietnam and even Laos. Are we so hateful?
The United States and the English are fighting for more territory than we are. Why don’t you fight them hard? Typical bullying and fear of hard work!
But now the Chinese revolutionary army has called. What can you do? Take it or not?
Lu Bei is really confused now. How to fight Vietnam near Chinese mainland? There are 600,000 soldiers of the Chinese Revolutionary Army. If you really want to fight and win, you have to send soldiers to pour out the country. It is possible that the Chinese Revolutionary Army is not necessarily an opponent. You know, one-third of the fighters are in China. China is equipped with at least 120 planes!
This kind of military strength is definitely not a serious matter for France to run a big risk. Now the Malacca Strait is not completely controlled by the British. Although the British Asian fleet is already in charge of the Malacca Strait, who knows when China will be crazy? If the South China Sea Fleet is forced to approach the Malacca Strait, will the British Asian Fleet dare to challenge the South China Sea Fleet? This time, the three navies were dispatched to intercept the South China Sea Fleet, and nothing was started. Just shooting dozens of planes has scared the three fleets!
What should we do?
What should we do?
Lubei is in a rash now, and there is nothing he can do.
The table is full of French military and political dignitaries who have been invited to discuss countermeasures urgently. This is no joke. If you are not careful, Vietnam and Laos will have to change hands!
The French army chief of staff, Clichy Chin, said, "Mr. President, now we can shrink the troops in Southeast Asia and protect our most important stronghold. It is unrealistic to want to go to war with the Chinese revolutionary army. If we want to go to war, we will have to wait until we solve the big trouble in Germany …"
It means that we can’t expand the situation or it won’t do any good to the French Republic!
Lubei looked at others and asked, "What else do you think?"
Farilan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, replied, "Mr. President, my opinion is to ask the Republic of China to solve the territorial dispute peacefully. We must keep our interests where we should make concessions. We must make appropriate concessions!"
"Concession? How to make concessions? "
Farilan replied, "Withdraw from the Nanyang islands, shrink the troops to Vietnam and Laos, and then the Republic of China negotiated to abandon the Nanyang islands and asked the Republic of China to withdraw from Indochina!"
Prime Minister Lin Pan replied with a frown, "No, this will make the Chinese revolutionary army even worse. You know, Vietnam is China’s vassal country. Now we have given them a chance to recover the vassal country. I am afraid that the Chinese tiger will never give up. If I make a decision, I will withdraw my troops to Nanyang to defend the Nanyang islands. Anyway, we will give us the national hand one day!" What are we afraid of? "
Everyone started a big argument and finally did not reach a unified opinion. In the end, Lubei was a little impatient and shouted, "Don’t argue any more. Even though Vietnam was originally a China dependency, it is not their territory. The Sino-French treaty clearly stipulates that Vietnam has already lost its alliance with China, and now it has many interests. We must never give it up! Order the Sudanese French army to immediately rescue Southeast Asia, and order the Lao army department to do its best to resist the attack of the Chinese Revolutionary Army towards the Vietnamese knot. There are at least three divisions in Southeast Asia. I believe that we still have enough confidence when we persist for two months, and there are only two divisions in the Chinese Revolutionary Army on the Sino-Vietnamese border. They are not dominant. If possible, we can beat them with one momentum! Those damn westerners must be Jews. They have been working closely together in China. I didn’t expect the Chinese tiger to support them so much. A division is full of Jews. Hey hey! Order France to impose heavy taxes on Jews and expel the Zionist organization from France! Even if you want to fight Vietnam, you will clean them up first! "
Lu Beiyan made the whole of France start to work, and the French armies of the two divisions in Sudan began to make emergency preparations to rescue Vietnam, and the Laos defenders in Southeast Asia also began to move in the direction of Vietnam. The atmosphere in Indo-China Peninsula suddenly became tense, and even the whole situation in Southeast Asia began to move. Just after the curtain fell, the Sino-Japanese war did not enter a wave, and the Sino-French war began to cover up again.
The war in Mount Tie Liang continues today.
At noon the next day, the 154th brigade of the French army suffered heavy casualties. More than 1,000 people were hit by planes and tanks, more than 1,000 people were seriously injured and killed, and less than 3,000 people still stubbornly resisted the Jewish division’s attack.
Now it’s the fifth time that the Jewish division has launched an offensive. I’m so excited that I can’t care about anything. I didn’t stop attacking overnight. Three brigades took turns to attack Tieliang Mountain.
Now Curie’s eyes are red and bloodshot, and the crazy battle has kept him awake all night for fear of accidents. Looking at the mountain, he screams that the Jewish people are full of bitterness and it is too difficult. This battle is too difficult.
I don’t know how long my soldiers can hold on. Anyway, it’s too difficult to hold on until noon. If the Chinese Revolutionary Army keeps on this offensive until this morning at most, Tie Liang Mountain will definitely fall. Huge casualties have made the soldiers feel afraid of war. If they fight again, the situation will be even worse. But the governor’s retreat will not come. Even if the army is dead, he will not dare to throw Tie Liang Mountain and run away. In that case, he will be sent to a military court for military trial first!
Chapter one thousand three hundred and eleven Zhang Xiaohuai ghost
The battle in Tieliangshan continues. Similarly, a newspaper by Zhang Xiaohuai in Beijing also set off a great "wave"!

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