Said to stare at Luo Guang.
Luo Guang felt quite sorry when he received Niang’s glaring. He really told the truth!
Even Fang Zhou strong cheer up and nodded with a smile "you say so! He is also a winner. These entertainment are indispensable! "
But secretly make a determined effort in my heart. If this bastard comes back drunk in the middle of the night, he will wait for her!
So in the afternoon, I closed my eyes and took a nap in NuanGe, and suddenly I noticed something. Even Fangzhou suddenly opened her eyes and saw people living in front of her eyes. She saw the corners and corners, familiar with the five senses, and I didn’t know how many times a man had smiled in her dream. She was a fool there.
White people are stupid in my heart!
Look at the sun shining outside. It’s not dark yet!
"How did you come back?" So at that time, I was a little stupid and my brain was short-circuited. Even Fangzhou asked a stupid question.
Li Fu was stunned and endured the joy and ecstasy in his heart. He leaned over to her and laughed. "Well, don’t you feel if you are dreaming?"
Even Fang Zhou felt really good after hearing this good idea, but he really reached out to touch his face with good advice.
Li Fu is in distress situation, with a big hand stretched out in the soft, warm and slender waist, and a hook brought her into her arms.
Familiarity with the touch and smell made Li Fu unbearable and did not hesitate. Another big hand buckled her head and bowed her head and kissed her charming and full lips.
The taste is still so sweet and fragrant that he can’t kiss enough.
In particular, the low breath is more like adding fuel to the fire. Li Fujue’s qi and blood churned and his stomach was like fire. He snorted in his throat and did not hesitate to overwhelm her on the kang.
Arms are tightly strapped around her waist like iron, kneading and moving
I haven’t been so affectionate for a long time, and the overbearing breath gripped myself. Even Fangzhou felt a soft body and almost collapsed on him.
After a kiss, both of them gasped and felt a little unbearable.
Li Fu pressed on her body and arm, half propped up, commanding, looking at lying on her back, the kang girl’s temples were slightly loose and flushed, and if there was a deep feeling in her eyes, the awaken of spring flowed in her watery eyes, so it was obvious that she wanted to be cruel.
Li Fu felt soft and satisfied, and couldn’t help stroking her cheek gently and smiled softly. "Mom, I’m really back!"
Even Fang Zhou’s face is so hot that he was really silly. It’s not natural. Don’t look at him. "I know! Come back and bully people. "
"I miss you so much!" Li Fu whispered something in her ear with a smile. Even Fang Zhou’s face was redder and she was shy and wanted to hit him.
Li Fu burst out laughing and bowed his head and threw himself into another kiss.
Even Fang Zhou was very cooperative, but he had to let go of her teeth and forbear to say, "I have to go to the palace for dinner when I’m very easy to smoke a little. I’m afraid I won’t be back until late. Baby Niang is waiting for me in the room."
Even Fang Zhou’s face was a red heart, but it was so hot that he nodded "Well" and said "Don’t get drunk if you drink less"
Seeing his eyes shining and smiling, he saw that Fang Zhou’s face was even redder and smiled. "I don’t want to take care of drunkards!" "
Li Fu laughed and hugged her by sitting in her arms. "Don’t worry!"
Two people hold the shuffle when couples spend for a while know can’t delay to Li Fu sighed bullet up "I walked first, you lie down for a while to keep up the spirit"
Even Fang Zhou Chen gave him a look, and the two of them laughed and kept their spirits up. They both knew it.
Li Fu leaned over and kissed her forehead and smiled to go. Even Fangzhou suddenly looked up and said with a smile, "Xu Er, have you seen Xu Er? He will go now. He will shout that Mom and Dad have teeth and teeth. "
Li Fu nodded and smiled. "The little guy also slept for a while and was so big!"
Li Fu has some regrets, both comforting and regretful. It is natural that he can’t be with his son and watch him grow up bit by bit.
Li Fu’s figure disappeared in this NuanGe, and there was a trace of swaying in front of him, as if it was just a dream.
Even Fang Zhou was in a trance and raised my hand and gently touched his lips. There was a sweet softness in his cheeks and he couldn’t help but smile.
He finally came back, and from then on, he didn’t have to face those blindsides alone!
Even fangzhou simply lay down at ease again to enjoy herself and savor the intimacy just now.
Li Fu really didn’t fly until late at night. Dai Yue returned to the mansion and the courtyard was heavy. Most people were already asleep.
Only Fang Zhou and Redjade are still waiting for him.
This is a far cry from Lian Fangzhou’s imagination that she led the government to open the door to welcome the triumphant return of the general, but it is better than anything that people come back.
After washing and bathing in a hurry, Li Fu couldn’t wait to pull Lian Fangzhou into the bedroom. The girls snickered and made Lian Fangzhou somewhat embarrassed.
But before she complained, the man hugged her and kissed her like a storm.
It’s a night of dry wood and fire, long drought and heavy rain.
When the hot bodies are attached to each other and they have each other, both of them feel deeply satisfied.
Even fangzhou is sore all over like being run over.
In the morning, she was awakened by his kneading and kissing.
It’s rare to wake up soon and not kick and hit him in a daze like before
Maybe two people apart for too long that a set of kung fu are rusty. Chapter 98 After a small parting.
Li Fu didn’t disturb people’s dreams and guilt at all. Instead, he gave her a kiss on the cheek and stepped up his efforts to laugh. "You’re awake!"
Even Fang Zhou smiled and well wriggled to avoid jiao laughed. "Stop that now in the morning! Is there a spirit to stay late? "
This Jiao Jiao soft more hook him angry Li Fu turn over and covered her kiss and knead while low say with smile "you men don’t leave spirit late you men spirit is good! Good girl, don’t you miss me at all after we’ve been apart for so long? Come again. "
Even Fang Zhou’s lips were blocked by him, and she could make a whine, so she had to give up her chance to resist and let him do it.
I secretly lamented in my heart that it was like doing nothing last night.
Although it has been dry for a long time, it can’t be waterlogged. Let’s put aside who can stand it.
The clouds cleared and the rain dispersed, and the sky brightened a lot. Even Fangzhou seemed to be lazy and leaned back in Li Fu’s arms. He asked vaguely, "Isn’t it today?"
Li Fu held his wife in his arms and smiled with satisfaction. "It’s considerate of me to enter the palace again in the afternoon, and I have to be busy for a while since the day! Baby, why don’t I take you two to the suburbs of Beijing for a while after I’m busy? "
Even Fangzhou can understand that after the army returned to the DPRK, the Ministry of War, the Governor’s Office of the Five Armies and the Ministry all needed to explain the issues like asking for punishment, military supplies calculation, casualty compensation, sergeant placement, etc. Although Li Fu did not need to do everything personally, he was indispensable.
I don’t know how many questions the emperor has to ask for instructions, and his colleagues gave a banquet to celebrate his success, followed by the emperor’s longevity. Are you busy? And the martial arts will be held in July, and naturally Li Fu is indispensable among the organizers.
And this year, on the Longevity Day, I heard that the queen was ill early, and I was afraid that I could not do it. I asked the imperial concubine, Shu Fei and Xian Fei to help me with the cooking. The Xian Fei resigned, and Shu Fei had to take responsibility for the preparations of the harem.
So the emperor simply put Taitai in charge of this matter, and Taifei had a harem and a power.
This is a very important matter. If it is done well, it will be more stable. If it is not done well, it may fall out of favor and will never be seen again.
Too was pushed too hard by King Li and had to fight back.
Li Fu naturally can’t stand by and contribute secretly.
Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help but feel bad about her man. She immediately became gentle and took the initiative to rub judo in his arms. "You are busy, you are me, and I’m not the one who will have grievances without a man!"
As it happens, the foundations of all the houses in the livable garden and Yajufang have been laid, and more than half of them have been built, and the other half is also under construction, so the finishing touches can be started.

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