"No, mom, this is what I should take good care of myself. When I come out, I will be filial to you." Wu Peiqian felt that she was not the worst Wu Ruiou at this time.
Now, the man she loves is shrinking in his original wife’s house like a little puss-head, preferring to be scolded by her hands and suffer indignities rather than divorce her wife. This kind of man, her mother, is really wrong in her life.
At the beginning, I actually returned this man to give birth to her. These days, she has been thinking about many things in it. People always have to go through some things to become mature.
But it’s rare for a woman like Shen Qiong to be so naive when she’s getting old. Fortunately, it’s not too late. She will definitely make a good transformation in it and try to get out in three years. Then she will take her mother away from G City and live their own lives after this sad place.
Forget about Liu Changfu, a man who doesn’t deserve their love.
Let him be his husband and father with no ambition in his own home. Anyway, it’s somebody else’s choice.
After listening to Wu Peiqian’s words, Wu Ruiou took the lead in tears. She knew that her daughter had changed, and it was too expensive. After the ex-prisoner went out, his life was stained, and wherever he went, he would be treated with colored glasses.
She is worried about Wu Peiqian’s future.
Wu Peiqian was taken away when the mother and daughter didn’t catch up much.
Shen Qiong was carried out. Shen Yetang didn’t follow anything. Let Xiaocui push him home without any explanation.
Willow catkins holding KINOMOTO SAKURA Meng Xin accompanied her to go out and meet Xiaocui and Shen Ye Su at the gate of the court. She looked at willow catkins and KINOMOTO SAKURA with gentle eyes.
"KINOMOTO SAKURA to call dad" Liu Ruxu encouraged KINOMOTO SAKURA to call Gu Sheng yesterday and said that the day of going abroad had been set, so when their father and daughter could meet again Liu Ruxu didn’t know.
If Shen Yetong really wants to leave here, it is unknown whether the father and daughter can meet again in this generation.
"Dad," cried KINOMOTO SAKURA before he left. After Liu Mu nursed KINOMOTO SAKURA’s face back to ruddy in the past two days.
"Well, KINOMOTO SAKURA’s dad is sorry for you." Shen Yetang took KINOMOTO SAKURA to his arms and moistened his eyes. He knew that the little guy wouldn’t be noisy in those days. They fed her a lot of sleeping pills.
Fortunately, it didn’t exceed the standard, otherwise they would really lose her.
Everything is fine. It’s all because of him. As a father, he has never been cruel. If he had been cruel earlier, his baby wouldn’t have suffered this crime.
"Dad, don’t cry, KINOMOTO SAKURA. It’s okay." KINOMOTO SAKURA stretched out his hand to wipe away the eyes next to Shen Ye’s eyes and then comforted Shen Ye’s heart.
In this way, KINOMOTO SAKURA has experienced so much and KINOMOTO SAKURA is so sensible, but his mother always says that willow catkins can’t teach KINOMOTO SAKURA well. It’s great to teach children like willow catkins.
So he can rest assured that he can be completely out of the scope of their mother and daughter’s life
"Good dad doesn’t cry, KINOMOTO SAKURA. Just listen to mom and study hard. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Both dad and mom hope that KINOMOTO SAKURA can grow up happily and healthily, okay?" Shen ye Tang said with a smile
"Well KINOMOTO SAKURA know mom and dad who will take care of you after being up? Let Aunt Xiaocui follow you all the time. She is very good at taking care of people, "KINOMOTO SAKURA said in front of Xiaocui."
This makes Xiaocui behind Shen Ye Tong suddenly make a big blush. She will feel ashamed to stay with Shen Ye Tong, a fellow villager who graduated from elementary school.
"Well, my father also thinks that Aunt Xiaocui is good. If Aunt Xiaocui doesn’t think her father is a burden, my father is going to trouble her all the time." Shen Yetang followed KINOMOTO SAKURA’s words, whether this is true or not. He wants to reassure KINOMOTO SAKURA now.
"Aunt Xiaocui is a good person and won’t think that Dad is a trouble, and Mom said that Dad’s leg should be treated well or there is still a chance to get up." KINOMOTO SAKURA said with a smile, "Dad, mom and I will leave in a few days. You should take good care of yourself."
"Well, take good care of your father’s mobile phone and call him when you miss him, okay?" Shen Yetong nodded.
"Good aunt Xiaocui, I will send you a New Year gift after I give my father to you." KINOMOTO SAKURA carefully explained to Aunt Xiaocui.
"Thank you, Miss KINOMOTO SAKURA," Xiaocui said quickly.
"Come on, go to mom’s side. Dad still has some things to deal with. Xiaocui, let’s go." Shen Ye took one look at Liu Ruxu’s side and finally didn’t walk towards her. Xiaocui turned away in a wheelchair.
KINOMOTO SAKURA went back to her mother and Meng Xin drove them home because she had to work at noon and asked her to have lunch. She also refused.
Neither Hengheng nor Gu Sheng knew what KINOMOTO SAKURA had experienced.
Liu Ruxu kept Gu Sheng Meng Xin from Heng Heng.
Three days later, Gu Sheng came to G City again and took Liu Ruxu with KINOMOTO SAKURA. Before leaving, everyone around him had a light meal with Liu Ruxu.
Liu Yuanyuan and Heng Heng both went to see the plane off, crying like a crybaby, and it was the kind of crying. People coming and going at the airport stared at Liu Yuanyuan, which made Zhang Lanyan feel particularly ashamed to raise her hand, that is, waving Liu Yuanyuan with one punch made her cry even more fierce.
Zhang Lanyan was stupid, but she didn’t die, this bear child.
Hengheng didn’t cry, but he was also very sad in his heart. Sometimes he envied Liu Yuanyuan, and this tear came just like a water valve.
Liu Yuanyuan later told him, "If you are sad, you can cry when you are sad. What are you pretending to do? We are boys who want to cry when they grow up, but we can’t cry now."
At that time, Hengheng didn’t know much about why boys can’t cry when they grow up. Later, he learned that it was really uncomfortable to want to cry but not cry.
Being strong today is two different feelings.
After seeing KINOMOTO SAKURA off, there will be less than five days left to learn distance learning. Hengheng has to take a good rest at home these days. Fortunately, Meng Xin is also strict with him during his summer vacation, and no special adjustment is needed. It only takes half an hour.
Hengheng kept all the gifts that KINOMOTO SAKURA gave him, and specially found a delicate small box to put them in and locked them in the drawer.
When I miss KINOMOTO SAKURA later, I will take these things out and have a look. Every gift is a memory.
I really want to video these places when I can. Without KINOMOTO SAKURA around, I shouldn’t be so sad.
Meng Xin wanted to comfort a baby when she came home from the night shift. As a result, Heng Heng was drawing paper, and her mood looked much better than before.

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