"Ho ho …"
Friar Bai’s throat gave a strange sound, and his eyes showed unwilling color. His eyes fell on his back and gradually faded away.
Cut your throat with one knife!
Slaughter the monk Su Mo, who taught resin refining, turned around and walked directly towards Jun Hao without hesitation.
"It’s all Junhao’s idea. I, I, I was forced to choose the wrong road."
Si Yutang saw that the situation was not good, plopped down on his knees, and the palm of his hand seemed to mean putting a bag and crying. There was no dignity in fixing the truth.
Siyutang snot a tear a quiver "Su Daoyou please give me a chance …"
For Siyutang, there is no pity in Su Mo’s heart.
Today, this man can kneel before him and cry for his life.
This man can stab him in the back!
Su Mo came to the front of Siyutang and said simply, "Sometimes once you choose the wrong road, there is no way out."
Hear Su Mo say this sentence Si Yutang finally disillusioned in my heart.
Siyutang palm final storage bag
Now suddenly there is a cold light flashing dagger in the palm of your hand
Si Yutang’s crying stopped abruptly, and his face was suddenly gloomy, and his eyes were bitter and cold. "Since you won’t let me live, I’ll abolish you first!"
Si Yutang stabbed Su Mo in the chest with a dagger!
This is a sneak attack.
It’s a pity that his mind can’t hide from Su Mo Lingjue.
Just as Si Yutang jumped and jumped for a moment, Su Mo leaned out of the palm of his hand and fell from the sky, then he patted Si Yutang’s crown heavily.
Siyutang’s head was like tofu, and it was shot by Su Mo. Without saying anything, he fell on the spot.
At the same time, Jun Hao also had the determination to fuel the spirit force. Seven spirit veins lit up and flashed towards Jiyao Snow at the door of the stone room.
Eye Ji Yaoxue is his only life!
If you can catch Ji Yaoxue, he will have enough chips to make a deal with Su Mo!
Jun Hao rushed over only to find that Ji Yaoxue was still watching him quietly.
There seems to be a trace of mockery and pity in the eyes.
Jun Hao caught a glimpse of a lotus flower galloping like thunder!
The purring is breathtaking.
It was Su Mo who killed Siyutang and threw out his blood quenching knife at the same time.
Will you react or not? Jun Hao saw a flash of lotus flower.
Then Jun Haoli stung the whole person violently and was hit by a huge force and flew out!
Junhao was firmly nailed to the stone wall by Su Mo’s blood quenching knife!
This knife is very powerful. The blade has penetrated into the stone wall, and most of the handle is still buzzing and shaking!
Junhao’s eyes are wide open and his mouth is open. Blood keeps pouring out, and he can’t stop it.
This knife can not help but penetrate his body and destroy his internal organs, cutting off his vitality!
"You …"
Jun Hao barely raised his arm and pointed to Su Mo as if he wanted to say something.
Pause for a long time. Jun Hao stared at his eyes on one side of his head and died.
However, the tea kung fu three-person body fell!
Chapter four hundred and seventy-two The famine shook

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