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Chapter five hundred and ten Retreat Pyongyang’s poor road
At this time, Kodama Gentaro has already sent a distress report to Changlin Pyongyang, hoping that the two reinforcements can arrive as soon as possible
But at this time, I saw that Shang Wen still dared to confront Xu Huaijin. There are only five divisions left in his hand. If there is any loss, it will be completely over. It is directly to Kodama Gentaro to order Kodama Gentaro to immediately withdraw from the city of peace and retreat towards Pyongyang!
Kodama Gentaro was full of reluctance, but there was nothing he could do. Now is really not the time to play hardball. He had to order the army to give up Pingcheng immediately and retreat in the direction of Pyongyang.
The soldiers of the first division did not stop at the city of peace and pursued directly to the south of the city of peace. Unfortunately, Kodama Gentaro was also a generation of famous soldiers who left a brigade behind and gave the first division a guy to repel the pursuit of the first division.
Kodama Gentaro ran out for more than 30 miles in one breath. At this time, the sky was gradually brightening, and it was hard to get rid of the enemy’s son Yu. The soldiers were really tired and ran for 30 miles in one breath. Moreover, the city of Pingcheng also fought a battle and needed a rest urgently. Yu had to order the army to stop for a while.
However, Kodama Gentaro was too happy. He took care of blocking the first division behind him, but he didn’t care whether there were any enemy troops ahead.
Kodama Gentaro’s army had just rested in situ, but suddenly it came ten minutes away. Like an earthquake, Kodama Gentaro’s horseshoe turned big and shouted, "There is an enemy attack! Prepare to meet the enemy! "
Having just rested for ten minutes, the Japanese army had to get up in a hurry to prepare for the battle, but before they set up heavy machine guns, the athletes of the cavalry division roared like a whirlwind and arrived in front of them! I slammed into the Japanese army. The warhorse soldiers’ combat knives were reflected by the rising sun, and they were slashed to the Japanese army. The faces of the Japanese combat knives were at a loss to help them lose courage in front of the cavalry in the fierce and high-speed charge. Worse still, they were newly defeated!
The Japanese army’s long procession was beaten by Ba Gen’s first cavalry regiment, and the cavalry regiment went straight to the distance without stopping.
Before the Japanese soldiers could catch their breath, the second cavalry regiment roared, and handfuls of combat knives drew a cruel arc in the blood like flying snowflakes. The Japanese army was cut off like wheat.
At this time, Kodama Gentaro roared, "Heavy machine guns, heavy machine guns, give me the front protection and force them back!"
A pretty heavy machine gun was quickly set up and fired wildly, but at this time, the cavalry did not directly charge at the Japanese army, but directly rushed at the Japanese flank. Nowadays, most of the Japanese heavy machine guns have been hit in the front flank, and the protection is too weak. It is impossible to cope with the high-speed movement only by the rifle root. The three cavalry cavalry regiments behind the cavalry charged back and forth and took away the outer Japanese life like a sharp knife.
Kodama Gentaro didn’t dare to stop and order the army to flee directly to the south. Ba Gen commanded the cavalry division to kill all the way. The dead bodies of the seriously wounded Japanese army were terrible.
Fortunately, when Kodama Gentaro entered the underground gate, he saw that Shangwen reinforcements arrived in rows of heavy machine guns and directly placed the forefront. The rear road was completely sealed, and the Ba Gen cavalry made a charge towards the front and was ruthlessly hit back.
Ba Gen disgruntled back.
But this war is enough!
* * Xu Huaijin, the owner of Pingcheng, relied on strong strength to drive the Japanese out of Pingcheng and annihilate the Japanese army. The Japanese army fled into Pyongyang in a hurry!
Then Xu Huaijin did not continue to invade, but instead targeted the right rear Changlin!
When Ba Gen intercepted Kodama Gentaro, no backup troops came, that is, he went straight to Changlin after leaving the main forces of several divisions in Pingcheng.
At this time, Changlin got a distress call from Kodama Gentaro at night, but the sly guy Mu Muzhen surprisingly didn’t send troops. Instead, he ordered the Japanese army to strengthen the Yugoslav capital overnight and make Changlin impenetrable. By the time Xu Huaijin’s army arrived, the Japanese army had already boarded Chengtou and all artillery departments had pushed Chengtou.
Xu Huaijin was in no hurry to attack. Only the first and second divisions directly surrounded Changlin. The fourth and fifth divisions stopped in the south of the city to stand by. Two artillery brigades showed fierce shelling!
Mu Zhen is commanding the city artillery to fight back tit for tat. The two sides stopped fighting from noon until dusk.
Chang Lin’s wooden frame is still concerned. Fortunately, he anticipated that Xu Huaijin might advance eastward to attack Chang Lin. Chang Lin pulled out Pyongyang’s arms and made early preparations. Otherwise, only two artillery brigades attacked the city, and more than one division could stop the fire. Now there is no intact building in the city. Countless Japanese troops have been injured to varying degrees, and the morale of the army has been depressed to the extreme!
Now Mu Zhen can pray that the God of Heaven can protect them and hold the Changlin and wait to see Shangwen reinforcements.
At this time, the ministers of various countries in Mukden have quarreled for a day, and there is still no progress. This time, Zhang Yihu is not a few mouthfuls, and Zhang Yihu directly draws out a broadsword to cut down the corner of the negotiating table. Although the arrogance of ministers of various countries has been suppressed slightly, it is still not the Japanese and Russian ministers.
Joke: The two countries are fighting each other to make you look at a table corner. If you dare to cut me, you can’t give in easily even if it involves national interests!
At dusk, a clerk ran to Zhang Yihu’s side and whispered a few words in Zhang Yihu’s ear. Zhang Yihu suddenly smiled and looked at Li Hongzhang with a big smile. "Old nave, it’s getting late now. I don’t think we should put it on hold for a while?"
Li Hongzhang saw Zhang Yihu’s abnormality and knew that things had changed. He smiled and said, "Let’s call it a day. I hope we can make progress tomorrow?"
ITO hirobumi roared "day? Even the day after tomorrow and ten days after tomorrow can’t solve our contradiction. You are deceiving others too much! " Zhang Yihu sneered, "That Ito Bowen is so angry every morning if you still have this attitude. I just don’t know if you are still so car-scrapping ….." Zhang Yihu laughed and roared off!
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Chapter five hundred and nineteen Save the day
Zhang Yihu and roared off, hanging the ministers of various countries in the hall.
Ito Bowen was suspicious and didn’t know what Zhang Yihu meant by laughing when he left.
When Ito Bowen returned to his own guild hall, his entourage was handed to him from the national newspaper. Ito Bowen was completely blindsided. In the early morning of this morning, the army of the Chinese Republic of Korea attacked Pingcheng Kodama Gentaro at starry night, and it was intercepted by the enemy cavalry division, which caused serious damage. Finally, he saw Shangwen meet and returned to Pyongyang. Now Xu Huaijin’s army is surrounded by Changlin, and the situation is grim!
Ito Bowen finally turned white and smiled at Zhang Yihu. What if you don’t give in, you can just send an army of 100,000 troops and directly occupy North Korea to see if you can resist me!
At this time, Ito Bowen is really in a hurry. It’s not a fart to negotiate like this! When the Chinese tiger army completely defeats the Japanese occupation of Korea, there is still room for negotiation. They can afford our Japanese empire, but they can’t. Even if the Japanese army elite is transferred to Korea, it may not be able to defeat Xu Huaijin. Worse, the national finance can no longer support the Korean War, and the national treasury has no money.
Ito bowen sighed and sat down in the chair to save the day! It seems impossible to keep North Korea without paying some price, but Chinese tiger Li Hongzhang has a big appetite, and 100 million taels of silver will be returned to Taiwan Province! This condition theory can’t be satisfied.
Ito Bowen, with a sad face, couldn’t go to the British Minister’s Hall late at night to ask for an audience with John Newell Jordan. It is unreasonable not to inform John Newell Jordan about such an important matter.
"what! The Chinese tiger army once again launched an offensive in North Korea? "
John Newell Jordan looked shocked. This Chinese tiger is crazy! Even if we haven’t given up the occupation of North Korea by force, I’m afraid that Xu Huaijin will be able to lead a great army to completely defeat the Japanese army in North Korea and truly occupy North Korea within a month!
"Mr. John Newell Jordan, the importance of North Korea to our Japanese empire is self-evident. The coal and iron resources in northern Korea are necessary for the revival of the empire. We must absolutely ensure the control of the Korean Peninsula! Please ask Mr. John Newell Jordan to do his best to help us! Please. "
Ito Bowen bowed deeply to John Newell Jordan and said
John Newell Jordan frowned and said, "Compared with you, Mr. Ito Bowen knows that it is unrealistic for Chinese tigers and Zhang Yihu to keep the Korean Peninsula without paying the price. Now your army is not the root of Xu Huaijin’s army opponents. You should be prepared to pay the price!"
Ito Bowen gritted his teeth and said, "Well, I’m willing to agree to the terms of war reparations, but this amount must be limited to 52 million. Any more will be unbearable for our empire …"
John Newell Jordan shook his head and said, "Mr. Ito Bowen, you are wrong. Don’t you see that what Zhang Yi wants is not compensation, but compensation from South Taiwan Province is negotiable. But Taiwan Province, if you don’t let it out, you are afraid that Zhang Yi will never promise you to give up North Korea."
"This …"
Ito Bowen frowned. What can Zhang Yi do if we just bite the bullet of the war reparations empire and recover our national strength after a big deal? However, it will be too difficult for Taiwan Province to take back Taiwan Province once the Imperial Army withdraws its troops from Taiwan Province, and the empire will have to spend a lot of trouble.
Ito Bowen said, "Mr. John Newell Jordan, I still need to report back to the Emperor at this time. It is really difficult for me to make decisions alone."
John Newell Jordan sighed and said, "Mr. Ito Bowen, the situation is very prosperous now. The Chinese tiger is determined to take back Taiwan Province, and Taiwan Province has always belonged to China territory from the legal point of view. It is even more difficult for us to take back it. Even if we unite France, Italy and Spain to exert pressure, there is nothing we can do. What we can do is to help you keep North Korea and reduce the amount of compensation as much as possible."

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