Boo-boom ~!
When his foot slipped, he fell into the shallow pool, but he still laughed and drifted with the tide, and finally leaned back against a rock in the pool.
He looked at the tree-lined sky and pointed to the blue sky, laughing wildly and saying, "~ Did you see it? ….. This world is full of contradictions and confusion. Is it true or not? ~ Ha ha ha … "
At this time, the path along the Xiang Nanlin side of Shuntanxi in the distance suddenly came and shouted "Stay!"
Seeing a thin young man carrying a seriously injured woman is gritting his teeth and fleeing in the direction of the man in the red shirt, and there are two celestial monks chasing after him, which is extremely exciting!
This emaciated young man is plastered all over his face, dressed in coarse clothes, and carrying a woman’s hands and nails black. At first glance, he can know that he is a Wuma.
This emaciated and down-and-out teenager bet on Luoyu’s poor little black horse when Tianling heard the news.
Wu Ma’s magic dance queen, the remnants of the Fazhi clan, are slaves. Wu Ma has suffered a lot from childhood in the clan, and his living environment has also made him far superior to his peers, precocious and alert, so that he can take advantage of chaos to hide and escape. At this time, he is taking his mother to escape to the terran land-Zhongzhou.
Because of his mother’s ordinary qualifications in the Terran, he was born because his father, a collateral branch of Wuma, married him when he traveled abroad.
However, his father died early and his mother died in the middle of gas refining, and he was the worst. The five spirits and miscellaneous roots have not entered the gas refining layer today, so since his father died, his mother and his son are extremely unpopular among Wuma.
Wuma’s mother’s heart is hard to get rid of because of her husband’s death, and her body is getting worse and worse … Previously, it was hard to stop the Tianling people from pursuing her mother, but it will not work.
At the moment, Wuma is carrying her dying mother along Tanxi to escape to the mountains.
His five-foot-tall, emaciated little body is struggling to move forward, holding his mother’s teeth, but still comforting her, "Mother, if you insist on it for a while, the baby will definitely take you away from Lingzhou."
Mother’s cheeks are blue and messy, her face is as white as paper, and she is sweating heavily, but she still smiles and says, "Why don’t you run away?"
"No … the baby should be with the mother!" Wuma shook her head with tears and still moved forward persistently.
And not far behind the pursuit of two people are approaching …
Suddenly the foot slipped and the witch horse fell to the ground in a critical moment!
Chapter 352 Lonely life and enmity drunk dream step in the mountains
Suddenly, the foot slipped and the black horse fell to the ground in a critical moment.
But even if he slipped, he still turned and hugged his mother for the first time and shook his way. "Mother? Mother …? "
The mother opened her eyes vigorously, and her child reached out and touched her tender cheek trembling and gentle. "Son … when you grow up, promise your mother … you must take good care of yourself."
Looking at the mother’s magical and radiant face, Wuma finally couldn’t bear to hold her mother’s hand and shed tears. "What should I do, mother?"
The mother pulled back her hand and pushed him, urging, "Be a man … go your own way …!"
Still weak, she didn’t know where to get the strength to push Wuma abruptly away from ten feet away, and then turned around and rushed at them desperately.
Looking at his mother’s whole body airflow disorder, Wu Ma was frightened to disgrace and cried, "Mother … don’t lose her son …!"
Obviously, the mother wants to blow herself up, which is as good as a chance to catch up with each other and change love.
At the same time, a very disharmonious drunk laughed at the pool on the right side of Wuma. "Life? ….. Life? Ah … Ha ha ~ "
Regardless of Tanxi Rock, the drunken man laughed at Wuma and still looked at his mother’s back in tears. He wanted to impress this warm back firmly in his heart.
But before the mother rushed to the front, it was already a long laugh. "~ Qian Shan is full of joys and sorrows. You come and I go …"
Seeing that the red shirt that should lean on the rock of Tanxi has laughed wildly and expressed the chaos, three people have appeared.
"… I can’t beat the fairy in my dreams if I drink wine from the river and swallow thousands of cups from the sun and the moon … hahaha ~!"
Bang bang!
He looked up and drank the green wine in the gourd, and his body was in a trance. He even punched and kicked the frightened two people and instantly knocked them down!
Two people but refined gas mid-term sleep red shadow in front of a flash and then instantly fainted.
Then Wuma was surprised to see that the madman had slapped back around the bottle gourd behind him and hit his mother’s abdomen!
Ah ~
Mother’s whole body spirit force bursts to the best of her ability, and she rolls back and screams.
Wuma suddenly opened her eyes violently, "Mother ~!"
Then he suddenly saw that crazy man who had turned red and ghosted was rushing to the middle school and rolling back to his mother.
Wu Ma was still mad to hurt her mother, but suddenly she was shocked and roared, "Don’t …!" "
And the red ghosting was incredibly fast, and it stopped in front of him like a madman. At the same time, he grinned wildly and turned his arms and put his mother in front of him smoothly.
See this down and out red shirt figure bent over from that messy long hair, revealing a black mask and half covering his face.
This person is Luo Yu.
Luo Yu looked at what he saw, raised his small fist, indecision and Wu Ma. He ha ha smiled and held out the wine gourd and knocked on the other side’s forehead and said, "Kid."
Then he simply looked up and drank.
And the mother of Wuma has looked at her child like gold paper at this time, "son … hurry … thank the Lord for saving his life."
Wuma quickly knelt beside her mother and hugged her puzzled. "Mother, did he just …?"
Mother shook her head and said, "Mother’s life is dying. If it weren’t for the kindness of the public, I would have turned to dust at this moment …"
Smell this wuma suddenly woke up and hurriedly bowed down to Luoyu and thanked him at such a time.
But Luo Yu sat beside the stream stone in a crazy way, ignoring the mud erosion and getting drunk blindly.
And Wuma’s mother is obviously dying. Seeing that she pulls Wuma’s words, it’s hard to explain, "Son ~ you have five spirits and miscellaneous roots … it’s hard to become a Taoist … since then, when you cover your hands and change your surname … live, remember … know your kindness … don’t seek revenge ~"
Said don’t stay wuma promised that she had closed her eyes and died …
Wuma immediately hugged her mother in tears and wept bitterly as "the child remembered"
After a moment, Luo Yu Zuiyan dimly looked at it, still hugging the mother and the teenager lazily in a finger and teaching, "Hey ~ the kid is buried, buried …"
Seeing him holding a wine bottle gourd and pointing to the four directions, he said with lisp, "Here … beautiful scenery can be a long sleep ~ hahaha …"
Luo Yu just fell asleep with a smile!
After Wu Ma looked at Luo Yu and looked at his mother in his arms, he gently let her go and then walked before the two fainted.
After a moment’s hesitation, he actually took out a dagger and shivered and pierced their hearts!

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