He went like a flurry, and the light became stronger. In a few minutes, Li Zhichang’s white face was a little pale
At the same time, the wind Excalibur swooped down from the sky.
This way, the wind and the Excalibur gather together, but it is scattered, and it is faint. It is absolutely difficult to deal with it. If the average person faces Yuzhaolei’s sound palm and shadowy Excalibur at the same time, it is already fortunate.
Li Zhichang remained aloof, and then all of a sudden, his strength exploded in white, inch by inch, and his muscles were cracked. This thirteen-Pacific cross-training practice had given him an indestructible and more divine power, and he was proud of the three realms.
Over the years, he has been angry with the enemy, and there is still some violence in his bones. Because he saw the heroic spirit of the other side, he decided to make a single effort to drop ten meetings.
His stature is not short, and he has turned into a big man like an iron tower.
Suddenly switching from a sage like type master to a god, even if atrix suffered a stroke, Jun Hou and Zhao Yu couldn’t help but close their eyes involuntarily.
I yawned on the roof of Beiluoshimen, which seems quite normal. I feel like I’m losing myself, and my paws are scratching my ears. I’m a little unhappy. I don’t want a cat slave, Lu Yan, to scratch him, and I want Uncle Cat to do it himself. Beiluoshimen is very unhappy.
Li Zhichang reached out and grabbed the Excalibur with a pinch, and then pinched it and exploded. YuZhao slapped Li Zhichang’s body and disappeared, but he flew back to the wall behind him.
The opponent was vulnerable. Li Zhichang lost his fun and soon lost his qi and blood. It was a pity that he was dressed all over.
He is not ashamed to see people naked. His mind is blue, the sun and the moon, the windows, the four mountains, the five mountains, the pillars and the heavens and the earth are like an open hall! How can you understand these details?
The so-called indulgence is casual.
Zuo Feiqing was broken by the wind, and Excalibur’s blood spurted out and his face was pale.
Li Zhichang ha ha smiled. "Zuo Xiao gave me your portrait of the founder of the Wind Department, and today it’s over."
Zuo Feiqing said coldly, "Don’t say that this portrait of the ancestor was stolen by Yao Qing long ago, even if there is Zuo, I won’t give it to you."
Li Zhichang a frown and pointed to YuZhao way "presumably this is ray department Lord you don’t say your father portrait also gave Yao Qing away".
Yu Zhao struggled out of the wall and said, "My old Yu has always been careless and drunk from a dead girl that day. Of course, he failed to keep the portrait of his father."
Li Zhichang sighed, "I didn’t expect it to be like this."
When he showed his body again, he put Zhao Yu and Zuo Feiqing together and put them to shame. "What else do you want to do?"
Li Zhichang said lightly, "Heal them."
Say two people throw continuous shooting several palms.
Xianbi is skeptical.
After seeing them for a moment, their face turned from green to red and from red to white. Li Zhichang threw them into the tunnel again. "I’m leaving first. If you want revenge, you can come to me. It’s not so good luck this time."
As soon as he roared, he fell to the north and screamed, and one person and one cat disappeared into the sky in a flash
It’s who can’t vote when you stop talking and do what you want? In my field, people are rushing in vain and suffering, looking back early, saying that the four immortals are wandering in three islands and ten continents, and this fairy dares to go now.
_ ____w_ w_ w_____ __
Xianbi was indecisive and uncertain. "How can Beiluo Master listen to him?"
Zuo Feiqing got up and walked over to Week of wind flow strength to remove the dust. He was still clean and tidy. If his face was not good-looking, he had to admit that he was no match for Li Zhichang in theory, and he might not be able to touch Li Zhichang’s back after practicing for 20 years.
Chapter 39 Reincarnation
His face was as heavy as water. "Now there is this person who is afraid that it will be more difficult for us to get back the portrait of our ancestors."
Yu Zhao said, "This man has hurt us and saved us. When there is no malice, the spirits and beasts of the Northern Clan School will follow Mother Earth or a generation of Mother Earth. How can it seem to recognize this man this time?"
All three people can’t understand that the earth of Wan Gui Zang didn’t make Beiluo master change his family. This time, Li Zhichang’s words made Beiluo master abandon Xianbi, which is really surprising.
Zuo Feiqing added, "It’s not good that this swallow has not returned and disappeared."
Xianbi frowned. "Forget it. Yan didn’t return. It’s brother Shen who robbed slaves and left us here. It’s not that he didn’t let go. It’s not that he left himself embarrassed."
At that time, Liang Siqin made a rule that unless the pulse teacher needed to address other students by peers, he would avoid the formation of a bad habit of leaning on the old and selling the old in the west.
Therefore, although Shen Zhouxu and Xianbi, her mother’s contemporaries, also need a senior.
Besides, I went to Haining City tailor’s shop and changed my clothes, and then I went back to Guanhailou, where I couldn’t see Lu Jian and Gu Zhen.
Lu gradually can now make up for the sky robbery. donkey kong’s divine power is 32 phases and 16 phases. Unless people like fish and monks don’t stop catching him, it is absolutely impossible.
It happened that there were signs of fighting in this restaurant. It seems that either Lu gradually left voluntarily or someone came here with incredible martial arts.
He laughed coldly and said that he would go and have a look at either situation.
-dividing line-
This place is surrounded by mountains and the north wind, the temperature is moist, and the flowers in the four seasons constantly decorate the banks of the stream like brocade embroidered carpets. From time to time, elk can be seen walking along the stream, egrets comb their feathers, birds chirp, antelopes chirp, and animals are a group of people who are not afraid to see them.
In this environment, swordsmen who are afraid of a murderous look will gradually put away their hearts and support themselves. It is suddenly strange for Gu Zhen to set foot in this place. Like a master, people will hide in such a place for seclusion.

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