"What do you want to say to me now?"
Mrs. luna coughed gently and then reported to Surdak that "President Buckley wants to apply for 50 hunting certificates of the mercenary union Tiesuoqiao Hunting Ground …"
Surdak snorted and said evenly
"Tell him to meet me at the town hall in the afternoon."
Listen to Surdak, and Mrs. luna will know that this matter is probably hopeless. She can’t help but complain slightly about the mercenary trade union president.
At this time, the tax collector of Batra hurriedly leaned over to the novel and said, "The tailor’s shop owner Epson heard that the miners in the mine had failed to order uniform clothes and sent them to you. He wanted me to ask you about one …"
Suldak has rarely asked about such trifles recently, and the manager of the base copper mine can decide …
Surdak said, "What’s there to ask about Aung San? What kind of clothes would you wear if you were a jungle hunter?"
Aung San was at the dining table with a silver knife dealing with a piece of fried meat. At this time, he quickly looked up and said without thinking, "Leather armor, of course, and some jungle camouflage."
Surdak asked again, "Batra, you are a tax collector. What kind of clothes do you usually wear?"
"Just wearing a suit. You can put a charcoal pen in your chest pocket and put the bill in your pocket …" The tax collector of Batra replied.
Surdak explained this to Batra tax collector
"What the miners in the mine need is a kind of linen cloth sewn with tough texture and relatively low price. The key point is that it is wear-resistant and relatively inexpensive. I don’t want to see these miners dressed in linen cloth bags, with no sleeves or trouser legs, and anti-smashing leather shoes. By the way, please invite the owner of the shoe shop to our town hall."
The tax collector of Batra nodded and said, "I’ll bring him here at noon!" "
In addition to the tailor’s owner, Tobatra, the tax collector asked Surdak about the details of the miners, and several businessmen entrusted Batyra tax collector to ask Surdak what to do with those Warcraft materials …
Surdak wanted to think before saying, "These Warcraft materials and frozen meat will be shipped to Bena City. There are leather goods firms in Bena City that can handle these hard-skinned frozen meat. They will be sent to the free trading market there. But it is not impossible to take out ten recent tax payment documents when you want to make a deal with me. Merchants can come to the town hall to find me …"
Mrs. luna and the tax collector Batra got the answer they wanted from Surdak and shut up and stopped talking.
Aung San reported to Surdak on the progress of the Junior Soldier College project and the housing renovation in the imperial immigrant residential area and the construction of the residential area on the south bank of the Duodan River.
In the recent year, Aung San changed from an ordinary hunter to a small town builder, which not only created several wealth for leading the aborigines, but also changed his life dramatically.
All this probably happened after he acted as a guide for Surdak.
Not only in Duodan town, but also in copper mines and canyon camps, there are Aung San labor groups.
"Does Lord Surdak want to build a long fence on the south side of the mountain stream?" Aung San looked up at Surdak and respectfully said to him, "This is a big project. If you have such a plan, I will take people to catch up with logging in winter and start building it in the spring of next year …"
Surdak put a knife in his hand and drank a mouthful of liqueur before saying, "Now you don’t need a defensive fence. You have a general understanding of the terrain over there. I have some considerations these days, that is, I plan to build a hunting ground in the south area of Tiesuoqiao camp north poison marsh …"
Aung San didn’t expect Surdak to adopt such a radical plan. He immediately thought that the northern expedition seemed to be a great victory
Thinking that the Surdak cavalry battalion really has the ability to fight against the ghost-striped red ant, he said, "Hunting ground, that’s a good idea. Then I’ll build some wooden houses in Tiesuoqiao camp …"
Surdak shook his head and said, "The key point is to take the labor group to the tribes."
He touched his clothes and tapped his fingers on the dining table. He looked up at this room in the restaurant and said to Aung San, "We should gradually change the living conditions of indigenous tribes. At the initial stage, we will change their food, clothing, housing and transportation."
"Later, we will let the children in the tribe enter the warrior college to study. Since they are subjects in my territory, I have the responsibility to improve their lives."
Signa and Nika sat at the dinner table with a face of worship and looked at Surdak.
The candlelight reflected their blushes and made their eyes sparkle …
It was not until the end of this dinner that Surdak and Selena took Nika and Signa back to the riverside cabin in a carriage. Selena asked Surdak, "After that, can I pass on the teachings of the Dark Goddess to those indigenous tribes?"
"Of course …"
Surdak looked at Selena’s eyes with a golden background and immediately replied without thinking.
Samira received a letter from Maika’s plane, the city of Vorimara, which was sent to Samira by the old nurse in the hospital.
They have received a large sum of money to rebuild the hospital, and they need to collect more children. This money can make the hospital last for a long time, and Samira does not need to continue sending money.
The letter mainly says that there is only one thing left, that is, the children have all kinds of blessings, some stationery has written blessing words and their names, some envelopes are painted with some patterns, and some small gifts are mixed with rags, figures, dolls, grass blades and grasshoppers …
Samira’s eyes became very soft by moonlight before sitting in the attic bed of the garrison camp …
Chapter 923 Thea Magic
The wall of the wooden house on the riverside that extends into the river has been completely frozen by the river, and there is a very thick layer of ice there.
But it’s not cold in the room, because Thea can’t swim in the Duodan River, and she can’t live without water. Janna Haizu has been lying recently, and it’s not spacious. Even swinging a tail fin in a big bathtub is not enough.
If she flaps a tail fin, the water in the bathtub will fly out …
The room is not too cold, but a little damp, and there is a thick layer of frost around the walls.
Miss mermaid Thea is lying in the bathtub with a metal rune on the bathtub surface. A very stable flame is braving the bottom of the bathtub to keep the water temperature in the bathtub.
The water temperature is a little low and she always sticks her arm out of the bathtub when she stretches her arm.
It feels very cold when her arms are exposed to the outside with water. She wouldn’t have emerged from the bathtub if she hadn’t eaten now.
It’s been more than two months since I came to Duodan Town in a blink of an eye. Thea has adapted to life here and is familiar with her temporary shelter.
Since she got out of trouble in Wilkes City, her original magic seal’ Forbidden Magic’ has failed. She regained her magic power half a month ago.
Although she regained her magical power, she failed to get happiness from it.
The reason is that both Signa and Nika are very disdainful of her magical power, and they don’t talk much about these things when they are together.
Miss mermaid wanted to let her friends know about her magical power, but after communication, Thea found that the two girls didn’t seem to admire magic so much.
She knew for a long time that Nika mastered the power of light elements, but obviously Nika can be regarded as a beginner.
She also hoped with great expectation that Nika could ask her about magic, but it was a pity that Nika never said it.

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